Wednesday, February 10, 2010

3, 30, and 4

I am currently in the midst of training for running my first 5k. This is something I originally planned on doing waaaaaaay back in the summer of know, the summer of "hey, you're having twins"! Pregnant with twins = no running 5k. Doctors orders. Instead, I went on bed rest.
Last summer was yet another summer of huge life changes. Again, no 5k. So I am determined that this summer will be the summer I finally run the stinkin' 5k.

Anyway, the training I'm doing is called Couch 2 5k (C25k), and it's a program that takes nine weeks and moves you from being a couch potato to being able to run a full 5k in that amount of time. I've started this program about four times, and have always had to quit for one reason or another before even getting to the third week. Today, though, I started the third week and I don't have any desire to stop! YAY!

Along the same lines, I weighed in at WW tonight, and lost another 1.2 lbs! I weighed in at 139.6 lbs, so I'm now officially in my 130's for the first time since probably high school! YAY ME! So excited! Not only that, but I'm only 0.2 lbs away from reaching my 35 lb loss mark. Wow.

Remember those adorable purses I made a while ago, one for myself and one for my sister in law? Well, I made a couple more. One for me, and one for my mom for her birthday. Here they are:

My purse.

My mom's purse.

I got the pattern from and it is so much fun to make. Not only that, but the options for fabric combinations are limitless and it's really the perfect size purse. Love it. Thing is, I've received a TON of compliments on these bags, and several people have encouraged me to make them to sell. Ok, I'll bite. I purchased the commercial license to sell the purses, and now already have an order for four purses, with a few more coming down the pike. If anyone is interested, I'm selling them for $25 and can do custom orders!

I'm also considering opening an shop, which is an online market place where you can sell handmade and vintage items for incredibly small fees (approximately $1 to sell a $25 item). Mom may join in and sell some of her jewelry. It would be great to earn a little extra money on the side to supplement my current income. So spread the word, and I'll be sure to post the link to the Etsy shop once it's up and running!

Ok, enough about that, I'm exhausted. Night all!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Hold Me Closer, Tiny Dancer

Once the walking started, it was only a matter of time until the boys' natural sense of rhythm would show itself. It began as a simple bobbing up and down, and has morphed from there. I could continue to describe it, but I think I'll let you see it for yourself! Please excuse my hysterical giggling.

Oh so funny! Things just get more and more entertaining with these boys!

I kept meaning to share this video with you all, but it's been a long week. Hope you enjoyed it!