Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mmmm Spaghetti

The boys have officially been introduced to spaghetti.

"Levi and Asher, meet Spaghetti. Spaghetti, meet Asher and Levi. I think you'll really love each other."

Lordy, there was red EVERYWHERE! Hands, arms, faces, ears, foreheads, trays, bibs, floor. It was hilarious! Levi's wearing the yellow bib, Asher the blue one.

Oh those faces and smiles slay me.

For some reason, the boys love anything that involves sauce. I have yet to see them refuse food that includes sauce. It is SO nice to be able to just feed the boys whatever we happen to be eating, and it gives our pocketbook a bit of a breather as compared to feeding them 6-8 jars of baby food every day. That really added up.

They're also getting SO close to being able to walk on their own. All that's left is for them to realize they want to do it, instead of just dropping down to a crawl whenever they want to get somewhere. They've been using our dining room chairs and bar stools as modified walkers, teaming up to push them all over the dining room and kitchen. It's pretty darn funny, and they giggle the entire time.

The only dark spot is the fact that they haven't been sleeping real well. It's pretty frustrating. Granted, it probably doesn't help that they have some residual coughing from the cold they just got over, but I don't think they've slept through the night at all in the past three weeks or so. Mommy and Daddy are tired. Any ideas?

I think I need a beer. Biggest Loser and beer.

Don't look at me that way. I have the points for it.


Arly said...

Nathan loves spaghetti! He only gets it on bath nights ad then we just strip him to his diaper and let him have at it.

As for the sleeping... Nathan stopped sleeping through the night when he was learning to walk. He just started sleeping through again this week. I hope I didn't jinx it! Yikes!! But it took him 2 months to sort it out. It was rough. Good luck. All that would work for us was a bit of rocking ad soothing. I'm no help, but you're not alone!!

Auntie Dani said...

I think every child has a picture of them with spaghetti all over them! I know Tyrell and I do! It's awesome to see that tradition is still alive in the new generation. Good job, Lindy!