Thursday, April 29, 2010


Ok, so the Portland Trail Blazers haven't exactly been playing up to par for this round of the playoffs (let's face it, three out of five games have been pretty painful)...but the good news is that we went to the one home game that they actually won! And it was an awesome game!

Backing up a moment...

I was at work last Tuesday when I got a text from Nathan asking if we would want to go to game 4 of the Blazers vs Suns at the Rose Garden on Saturday. Evidently a couple that is a part of our small group had accidentally bought four tickets instead of two, and were trying to get rid of them...Nathan just happened to see Matt's Facebook status just minutes after he posted it and immediately said something along the lines of, "I'm pretty sure we'll want them, but let me ask my wife!"

Let me tell ya, it was a rough week at work last week, so having the prospect of a fun outing with just my hubby (Nathan's mom offered to watch the boys for us) was the only thing that really got me through. The rest of the week seemed to draaaaag, but finally Saturday arrived. Nathan and I were upstairs getting ready when I heard crinkling of plastic downstairs. I ran downstairs to see this...

That's a full box of Cheerios all over the floor. Evidently the boys are now able to grab things off of the window sill where we WERE keeping the Cheerios box. It's moments like these where you have two options: a) freak out over the mess, scold the children, and generally get your dander up or b) laugh your butt off, grab the camera, and snap some photos before cleaning up the mess. We chose option B, obviously.

Finally we got out of the house, dropped the boys off at Grandma's, made a quick stop at Fred Meyer to pick up some Blazer apparel, and made our way into Portland.

The game was SO MUCH FUN. I think the average score difference was about 3 points, and I was either on the edge of my seat or on my feet the whole time. Oh, and the best part...we won! I am a big fan of watching sporting events in person rather than on tv, and whooboy do the Blazers have some awesome fans!

Getting food.

Warming up...Blazers on the far court, Suns (boooo!) on the closer half. If you look close, you can see Nash's greasy hair to the right of the basket.

Blazers WIN!!!! 96 to 87!

Fun was had by all!

After the game we joined Matt and Amanda at Deschutes Brewery in downtown Portland for an early dinner then headed home. All in all, it was a great day.

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