Wednesday, August 11, 2010


No, that wasn't a belated response to the World Cup.

I actually reached my weight loss goal today!!!

Knowing I had to weigh in at 6 pm, I refrained from snacking after lunch, went for a run between work and weigh-in, and managed to hit 127.6 lbs! Oh man, am I excited! I reached goal literally only 11 days short of a year after starting Weight Watchers.

The Stats:

Beginning Weight: 174.4 lbs
Total Lost: 44.8 lbs
Goal Weight: 128 lbs
Final Weight: 127.6 lbs

It's been a long road, but so totally worth it. Especially when I look these two photos side by side. You can click on the image to see a bigger version.

And to reward myself?

I bought one of these puppies:

A Kindle Latest Generation. It holds 3,500 electronic books. Drool. Have I mentioned how much I love to read? It's back ordered, so it won't arrive until around September 8th. But this latest version costs $50 less than a used Generation 2 (the last version). How does that make sense? I just don't know. But I will be absolutely giddy when it arrives.

Now I just have to maintain within two pounds above or below my goal weight for six weeks, and then I become a Lifetime Member. At that point, I get to be a member for free, as long as I weigh in at least once each month and stay within those two pounds above or below goal.

I'm not sure if I mentioned it on here, but both my mom and dad are doing Weight Watchers as well. They both reached their goal and recently both became Lifetime Members, which is just so exciting! It has been fun going through this experience with them, and invaluable to have the support.


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Carly said...

holy crapoli! you look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! huge congrats, you are so determined and dedicated, you've done great! keep it up, i'm excited to see you get that lifetime member and maintain! :)