Sunday, September 4, 2011

Who Doesn't Love A Good Deal?

There's this website.  It's called Pinterest.  And it's A-MA-ZING!!!

Think of it as a bunch of cork boards that you can designate for different categories: decor ideas, craft tutorials, clothing tutorials, printables, etc.  Pretty much anything that inspires you.  You then take a picture of that thing, and "pin" it to that board.  Only, these boards are all virtual, and the photos that you pin to them will take you directly to the original website that you found it at.

The reason I love it so much is because I am constantly searching through craft and decorating ideas, looking for inspiration, and I've been in search of a good way to keep all the things I someday want to do in one place.  And the price is sure right...totally, 100% free!

Here's my home Pinterest page, with all my boards (so far).

Doesn't it must make you giddy with organized-ness?  Ok, maybe that's just me.

On a different, but related subject, I recently had the chance to return to my favorite Goodwill in Forest Grove.  Many hours were spent searching for treasures in that particular Goodwill while I was in college, and no other Goodwill store has ever measured up.

Well, on Friday, I met Aunt Diane in Forest Grove to join her on the trek to Tillamook to pick up her new puppy from the breeder.  Little Miss Roxie is absolutely divine, with such a sweet temperament;  I'm so glad Aunt Diane now has her in her life!  When we got back to the Grove, I took the opportunity to check out both the Restore and Goodwill in Forest Grove, hoping to find some treasures needed for projects I currently have pinned on my boards.  Boy, did I make out like a bandit!

First, at Restore, I found a great side table for only $5!  Right now, it's a dark green with a lot of scratches and stuff.  But soon, all those scratches will be sanded out, and it will be refinished with a distressed white.  Here's the table, pre-refinish (cause I haven't finished the darn thing yet!).

I also found a milk vase - you know, one of those old fashioned white glass vases - for only $0.99.  I had been looking for one that didn't scream "way too out of date", to be used in the below tutorial.

This is my version: vase from Goodwill, stick from the tree in our backyard, yarn from my sizable stash.  Total cost: $0.99

There are three other projects (besides refinishing the table) that I have most of the supplies for, which I got at Goodwill for under $8.  I will post those as I finish them.  Gotta love decorating on a budget!!!  I'm so excited about getting our living room all painted and decorated, I think it's soon going to be my favorite room.  I'm drawing all of my inspiration for the colors from a great painting I found on sale at Fred Meyer's a few weeks ago.  I absolutely love the style and colors, and I think it's going to make a great centerpiece for the room!

Oh the joys of finally being in a house that we (believe) will be in for years to come, and can decorate however we see fit, because WE OWN IT!

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