Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wait...'s Fall.

It's been over a month since I've blogged.

I apologize. Thing is, I tried being on Weight Watchers staff and just got too busy. If I wanted to spend any time sewing, something I absolutely love doing, something had to give. So spending time on the computer was it. The good news is that I decided to stop doing Weight Watchers was a lot bigger of a time commitment than I thought it was going to be, always in the evening between dinner and bedtime, meaning I was missing out on a lot of time with the boys. I felt guilty about that, and about leaving Nathan to do the single parent thing for even more time.

Now everyone can stop dropping thinly-veiled hints about posting on the blog, ha ha ha!

So, let's see if I can recap the past month.
  • The boys turned 2 years old on September 21st. TWO! We have two 2 year olds. Please be praying for us. We had a fun little birthday on their birthday with my parents, then a big party the next Saturday with the whole family and several friends. It was a ton of fun.
  • I got asked to make a purse for a fundraiser auction for the local children's shelter here in Mac. Ended up finding and falling in love with the fabric and pattern designer Amy Butler. It was a very time-consuming project, but also very satisfying to make something for such a great cause!
  • Locked my keys in the car outside the Dutch Bros only 3 blocks from work...on my way to work...on the morning of the first frost of the season...while wearing stiletto heels. I had to wait outside for 30 minutes until the tow company showed up. Thank goodness for wool jackets, understanding coworkers, and AAA.
  • Went to the Jimmy Buffett concert at the Rose Garden with my parents. What a blast!!! We ate at the Alexis (Greek restaurant in downtown Portland that my parents have been going to since they opened 30 years ago) before the concert, then went to the Horsebrass Pub afterwards...didn't get home until almost 2 am. Thank goodness we found an amazing college student babysitter, who is use to staying up that late on a school night!
  • The boys have learned how to say uh oh, bye bye, night night, and many other things. They're also learning how to take directions. I can usually ask them to bring me something, and they'll go grab it and bring it to me. It's a very cool thing to watch your kids grow and learn.
  • We've found the boys' Achilles heel...the OPB cartoon called Caillou. Nothing special about it, but it hypnotizes them. The other afternoon, Asher was throwing a full blown tantrum. Screaming, crying, kicking of feet, the works. Nothing I did made it better. I even took him upstairs with me, thinking he just wanted to get away from his brother for a bit. No dice. Turned on Caillou, and he immediately laid down on the end of the bed. And he stayed that way, not a peep out of him, for a good half an hour. I was even able to doze on the bed with him. Thank you Canada for writing such a soothing show.
  • I turned 27. Yeesh. I'm only 3 years away from being 30. You know, as old as my husband is now. And that's OLD! Ha ha ha, love you honey! We had a small party at my parents house, just them, us, and our friend Andy who was bach'ing it while his wife and daughter were in Arizona.
  • While Dad was at chukar camp (before you ask, chukar is a game bird), Mom offered to watch the boys while Nathan and I had a date night. We decided to head into Portland to the Melting Pot, an amazing fondue restaurant. Spendy, but amazing. It was the most romantic outing we've had in a long while. Afterwards, we curled up in bed with wine and a movie. It was a lovely night, and I FINALLY got to wear my sexy black 'victory' dress. The only picture we got was with my iPhone in the dimly-lit didn't turn out very good, so I'm not going to share it with you. Sorry!
  • We think that Asher is going to be left handed. We were flipping back and forth between a baseball game and a football game on tv. Asher was constantly imitating whichever sport was on. During football, he was throwing our stuffed football with his left hand and then falling down like he had been tackled. During baseball, he was swinging this rattle thing...left handed. We've never shown him how to swing a baseball bat. Awesome! His mommy, grandpa, and great grandpa are all left handed, so it runs in the family.
  • This coming Saturday, Nathan's mom is watching the boys while we head to the Oregon State homecoming game with Nathan's dad and my parents. We're getting to spend the night down in Corvallis, so bring on the tailgating!!! Because of the game, I'm taking Saturday and Sunday I'm getting a four day weekend. YES!
  • The boys are going to be monkeys for Halloween. McMinnville does a great trick or treat thing on 3rd Street (our main street) where all the business along the street start giving out candy starting at 2:30. Sure beats knocking on peoples' doors these days.
Ok, I think those are the highlights. I'll finish up with a couple of photos and I'll try not be to be as remiss in posting from now on.

The boys climbing the wall at the best park in one is ever there! (Levi top, Asher bottom)

The boys love going down the BIG slides! (Asher) They're pretty fearless.

Two years old! (Asher left, Levi right)

My sewing center with my new organization shelves (gift from mom and dad)!

Asher sitting on Levi's lap because they were afraid of the vacuum.

Levi tried taking his shirt off and it got stuck. Goofy guy.

The purse I made for the children's shelter auction.

Another bag I made for myself from the Amy Butler pattern book I got for my birthday. Much more complex than it looks!

All that being said...

Have a wonderful Fall! Welcome the rain, the frost, the fog, the beautiful leaves. It's a magical time of year.

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