Thursday, February 19, 2009

Caution: Do Not Read Without Kleenex

The kleenex mentioned is not needed for this post, specifically, but rather for a new blog I've added to my "Other Blogs I Love" list, titled "Love in Abundance". The blog was created by Alyssa and David Henry, who live here in Baker. I went to school with the Henry boys and was ecstatic when I learned that Alyssa and David were due to have twin boys in April, which would mean they would be in the same grade as Levi and Asher. Not long after learning about their twins, however, an ultrasound showed that the identical boys were going through Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome, where one twin gets all the nutrients while the other receives hardly any. I know that's a very simplified explanation and there's a lot more to it, but the heartbreaking result was that the twins needed surgery to reverse the TTTS, which ended up putting Alyssa into labor and they lost the boys, Quintin and Speedy.

While reading their blog, which includes some photos of the hour or so that the boys were alive, I bawled. I clutched Asher to me and bawled. It just hits so close to so easily could have been us. And then I had to look at that reaction. Was it selfish? How can I make Alyssa and David's story about me, about our boys? Does that cheapen what they're going through? Until I realized that, underneath the thought, "it could have been us" was the profound gratefulness. God saw fit to give us two bright, beautiful, perfectly healthy boys. And reading the Henry's story has served as a reminder to not take that for granted. It reminded me to thank God every day for the two amazing blessings that are currently in their bouncers beside me, cooing and smiling at me as I write this. Acknowledging how blessed we are honors the Henry's story.

David and Alyssa, my heart goes out to you. Thank you for sharing your journey. You are in our hearts and prayers.

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Kate said...


What an amazing story, for their strength, and a sad one, for their sorrow. Thanks for sharing this.