Friday, June 19, 2009

Countdown Revisited

  • 2 days until my last day as a dispatcher for Baker County...only 3 shifts to get through.
  • 4(ish) days until we close on the house...hopefully. More on that later.
  • 7 days until we move to McMinnville!

We found out on Wednesday that we have been approved on our rental house! We were planning on moving in on Saturday the 27th, but we were informed by the property management company that they would not be available to let us in the house on Saturday, that they're only available on week days. So move-in day is Friday, June 26th!!! Thankfully, we've already got a good start on packing. We pick up the huge Uhaul truck on Wednesday, pack it on Thursday, and head out Friday morning. It's still hard to believe that we're leaving Baker, but I'm SOOOO excited about our future!

Unfortunately, we've ran into a bit of a road bump with the sale of our house. Hopefully it won't be too hard to straighten out, though. Evidently the assessor who came in made 10 mistakes on her report that she sent into the loan company...including mis-typing the expiration date for her assessor's license, so it showed that her license is expired. Who does that? She even had the chutzpah to say, "No, my license isn't expired, but I've been known to type the wrong date." REALLY?!?! If you're known to do that, wouldn't you then make a point of double checking

To top that off, the assessor is out of town all weekend, and won't be able to amend the report until she gets back into town on Sunday...the paperwork was suppose to be completed and ready to sign today, so that we could close and get our money on Monday. Instead, the paperwork will be signed on Monday, and then we have to wait another 72 hours before we can close and get our money. That bumps us getting our money back to Thursday...we have to use some of that money to get into our rental on Friday. Grrrr.

Even better? The buyers' real estate representative, who happens to be our agent's assistant, is a complete flake. The buyers told her to call us on Wednesday when they got word that the loan was out of underwriting...we had also called her earlier that day to find out where things were in the process, and she told us she would call as soon as she heard anything. Did she call? Nooooo. And then yesterday, when she called the buyers to tell them about the problem with the assessor, the buyer AGAIN told her to call us to let us know. Did she call? Nooooo. Thankfully, we're becoming pretty good friends with the buyers and they live only a block from us, so both times, Whitney came down to our place to let us know what was going on. I'll be having a conversation with our realtor today about this whole situation.

In baby news, Asher is army crawling like a champ. By that, I mean he can, with the proper motivation, army crawl his way across the length of our living room in about 30 seconds. As soon as we get settled in McMinnville, we're investing a fenced play yard to put in the living room, so the boys can crawl to their hearts content without getting into anything. Our baby proofing endeavors will also begin with the McMinnville house, including a REALLY good baby gate at the top of the stairs. I think the boys are going to be able to crawl before they are able to sit up 100% on their own. They're able to sit up just fine, but then they get excited about it and then arch their backs, effectively knocking themselves backwards. Goof balls.

They'll be 9 months old on Sunday...don't cry Lindy, don't cry. Monday is their 9 month well baby check up, their last with Dr. Smithson, and then Wednesday is their 9 month immunization appointment. They are eating baby food twice a day, and love it. Levi is definitely the more picky eater, while Asher will eat pretty much anything and gets super impatient between his bites. Asher's also our more...solid baby, he's got to be at least half a pound heavier than Levi is. It will be fun to see what their weights are on Monday.

Yes, I have pictures and videos. No, I haven't had time to edit and/or post them. Sorry. It will be a while longer before that happens, you'll just have to be patient until then.

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