Monday, May 17, 2010

A Domestic Day

It's been a day of puttering around the house. Nathan spent the day brewing beer in the garage, so the boys and I did projects. Or, more accurately, the boys got into everything while I split my time between keeping their paws off the hot glue gun cord and getting projects done. AAAAH! Have you ever tried to unload and reload a dishwasher with twin 19 month olds in the same room? Try it some time. I dare ya!

Anyway, with how ridiculous my schedule is, I've been in the habit of printing out a paper monthly calendar and putting it on our fridge. Thing is, we're out of printer paper. And I'm tired of printing out a schedule only to have it change two days later. So I found this tutorial online, and then tweaked it a bit. I also found this one, but hated the idea of using chalk in the kitchen, so I modified it to look like the calendar. One trip to Good Will and a trip to Joann's, a couple of hours with the hot glue gun and stickers (and twins) later, and voila!

I'm pretty darn happy with how they turned out! Love the black and yellow! And if I ever need to change it in order to match a different decor, all I have to do is cut the yellow fabric off the backing and hot glue a new fabric to it.

On a different note, on Saturday I applied for a VERY part time job as a receptionist for Weight Watchers. It's only a couple of hours a week, greeting and weighing in WW members at the weekly meetings. While it's nothing major, it will still be a little extra moolah on the side, plus I can't think of a better way to give back to the organization that has helped me, my mom, and my dad to lose weight. I have a phone interview type thingy with a recruiting assistant on Wednesday morning, so we'll see what happens! I'm pretty excited!

And now it's time to go hang out with the family.

PS. Nathan made a comment that all of my posts on here are about my sewing and craft projects. I'm thinking maybe I should start another blog to just put my projects on, and leave this one for just family stuff. Any thoughts?


Janis said...

I think you tie them in pretty well and I enjoy reading about the crafts too.

Kate said...

I like reading about the crafts. As long as there are still pictures of those boys destroying your crafts, we're happy. :-P

carrolldj said...

Any pictures from the parade?

Arly said...

Use the same one!!

Joellen Armstrong said...

Yes, use the same blog!! I don't mind seeing both... plus, how many men read your blog??? I bet more ladies are reading and we LOVE the craft stuff... especially YOUR craft stuff b/c you're so stinking good at it!

Carly said...

super cool! i had seen a similar idea on make it & love it as well :)
and i think you should just use the same blog :) i have too many to follow!!! haha