Monday, May 17, 2010

Two In One Day?!

I really wanted to post a couple of photos of a project I did tonight after the boys went to bed, and after Nathan and I watched Stephen Hawking's show on OPB about time travel. But I figured I should probably satisfy those of you who really only come on here to see the adorable photos of the boys. Because really, they are pretty stinkin' cute.

Asher at Grammy and Grandpa's.

Levi couch cushion surfing, their new fave thing to do.

Asher couch cushion surfing.

Asher playing in the backyard.

Asher (left) and Levi (right) playing in the backyard.

Levi playing in the backyard.

We've pretty much lived outside for the past few days, enjoying the b-e-a-u-tiful weather before it starts raining again, which will supposedly happen tomorrow. Sad day. Ok, hope that tides you over for a couple of days. :) These boys are getting harder and harder to capture on camera without the blur effect!

Btw, McMinnville is a pretty great place for crazy summer-time events that take over downtown. In Baker, there was Miner's Jubilee. Here, there's Turkey Rama. Also the same weekend, there's Who's On Third. But to kick it all off is the ever-entertaining UFO Festival. I kid you not. Evidently this UFO/alien shindig is second only to Roswell, NM in size. Pretty impressive, no? And the thing most of the locals turn out for?

..............................the parade.

(Sigh) I love this town.

And now I'll allow myself the luxury of sharing my evening project - because posting photos of my awesome boys is such a hardship, right? I have this great window of opportunity on most evenings. It happens after the boys go to bed, but before I go to bed. Usually, we put the boys down for the night (they don't fight it very often, it's great), spend some time together, and then allow ourselves some "quiet time", during which Nathan plays video games and I work on a project.

This weekend, Mom gave me this dress, knowing I'd be able to refashion it. Cute dress, but I'm sure you can easily see the problem.

I think the Ringling Bros left one of their tents behind.

Rip the top half from the bottom half, run a couple of seams up each side to trim off some of the bulk, add a band of thick black elastic to the top, and you have a skirt!

And now, as you can probably tell from the circles under my eyes in this photo, it's time for bed. Night!


Carly said...

haha! love that skirt lindy!
your boys are adorable as always, they are getting so big!

Kate said...

That large alien in the UFO parade reminded me of the comic book guy from the Simpsons. Doesn't that seem like something he'd be into?