Friday, July 16, 2010

Boys and Craftiness

As promised, I will try to post photos of the boys every time I post photos of projects I've done. I haven't felt particularly crafty or motivated lately - my job is kind of pushing me to the mental/emotional limit, but what's new? - thus the lack of posts. I prefer to keep things positive and happy on this blog, especially after how many ups and downs we've had over the past couple of years. But tonight, after my nightly browse through the craft blogs, I was inspired. But first, pictures of the boys that Nathan has taken with his phone!

Asher (left) and Levi (right) laughing at the birds at my parents' place.

Asher playing with the "mower" at our small group's bbq.

Levi sat in this swing and plucked at the ukulele for half an hour, completely content. That's our musical boy.

This is a "remember when" shot...the boys passed out back in August 2009, when they were only 11 months old! Where did time go?!

Yeah, my boys are pretty darn cute!

And now the crafty half of the blog. I've been wanting to make a fabric rosette headband for a while now, and finally got motivated to do it. The best part? I can wear it three different ways!

As a headband...

As a brooch to dress up a boring tank or tee...

Or as a fun necklace, unflatteringly referred to as a 'bib necklace' these days...

Btw, I decided to give myself a haircut the other night. I'm waiting to meet my goal weight before I use the gift card my mom gave me for the local salon, at which point I'll get a trim and some highlights. But this was just to get rid of some of the excess bulk at the back of my neck, where my hair grows the fastest. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!

And let's not talk about the weight loss thing. Ok, fine, let's talk about it. I'm hovering right around 130 lbs...2 lbs away from my stupid goal weight. I'm frustrated. Annoyed. Tired of hovering. And missing running...but running in 90 degree weather is no fun, and my current schedule doesn't lend itself well to hitting the trails in the late evenings or early mornings when it's actually cool out. And forget being able to afford a gym. Ok, I'm done venting now.


Arly said...

Those are cute pics of the boys! Adorable.

carrolldj said...

Ah - the dreaded plateau.