Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Dining Room

Ever since we moved in to our rental (a year and a month ago already!), our dining room has been totally geared towards our boys. In other words, the table was as small as we could make it, the chairs were kept in the garage so the boys couldn't fall off of them, and the only thing we really used the room for was feeding the boys in their highchairs.

But that has all changed since switching the boys to their boosters seats. I bundled Levi and Asher into the car one morning, zipped out to Walmart, and snatched up a great area rug to center the dining room table over since our chandelier makes a horrible center to the room. I love actually having a dining room! Now I just need to find/make some thing to put on the wall to the right of the sliding door. I'm tired of not decorating just because we don't own the place.

Then it was off to Dollar Tree to get supplies for a centerpiece my friend Carly had shown me on this blog. I did a slightly different, more colorful version of the bottom piece, and I haven't hot glued it yet, but I love the effect...all for only $3!!! I'm sure you will recognize the fabric underneath as being scrap from my diaper bag extravaganza; as soon as a cute place mat or table runner catches my eye, this scrap will be going to better use, but it works for now! Then I just went outside to the tree in front of our place and grabbed a couple bunches of leaves to go between the hurricane vase and the candle. For free!

Again, it's a work in progress, but that's half the fun! I love the little hands you can see trying to reach the extra leaves in the corner of the's the story of my life these days. One eye on the project, one eye on the tiny hands trying to steal scraps of the project.

Speaking of tiny mom bought the boys some clothes and brought them over after Weight Watchers this morning. Both Levi and Asher are obsessed with trying to put clothes on themselves; problem is, they think everything goes on their legs, including shirts. It's awfully cute to watch them try so hard, though!

Asher putting on jeans.

Asher trying on the pants.

Levi just being darn cute.

I have a couple of very handsome boys, don't you think? They need haircuts, though. And I'm fighting the idea the whole way. But Levi's starting to look like he has a mullet, and I'm just not that devoted to my Eastern Oregon upbringing to support the comeback of the 'business in front, party in back' look.

And speaking of Weight Watchers...I weighed myself yesterday afternoon and I was exactly 128.0 lbs! My goal weight! This morning I weighed myself without any clothes on and was at 127.8...unfortunately, there's a pesky law regarding nudity in public, so even my lightest dress put my 0.2 lbs above my goal weight at weigh-in this morning. 0.2 lbs! ZERO POINT TWO! Isn't there a mercy rule for this sort of thing? You know, where they say, "You've been working so hard for so long, 0.2 lbs really is nothing so we're just going to say you're at goal weight!" Wishful thinking, I guess. So now I have to be SUPER good for another week, because my body just does not like to stay right at 128 lbs. Thankfully, after I reach goal I just have to stay within two pounds of 128, which I can easily do. So...keep me in your prayers, your fingers crossed, send good juju my way, whatever works for you. Cause I'm ready to be there, for pity sake!

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