Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The New Addition

Ok, so I'm going to preface this with...Nathan and I did not wake up this morning and think to ourselves, "We need to be a two dog family!"

But now we are.

Introducing Heidi Labunski!

She's a 7 month old German Shepherd mix. Nathan had to go to the local Animal Clinic today to take pictures of the 3 dogs up for adoption, because the newspaper puts an ad in about once a week with pictures of the animals up for adoption. Well, he called me before hand and asked if I wanted to go along...heck yes!

So we go in the back of the clinic and meet a pitbull mix, a border collie, and Heidi (then named Chyna, pronounced China, not a big fan). The pitbull was completely unmanageable, the border collie was completely afraid of people, and Heidi was just such a sweetie that we both fell in love with her. So we brought her home. Tomorrow she goes back in to get spayed, and she is completely up to date on her shots.

Unfortunately, she hasn't had much training (if any) and we think she may have been abused by a man because she is more nervous around Nathan and is afraid of swinging things. But it's not too bad, and nothing some TLC can't fix since she's still so young. She and Bandit absolutely love each other and they've been playing non-stop since we brought her home this afternoon. I think they're just now starting to slow down...they're sure going to sleep well tonight! At this moment, they're both standing next to each other panting their faces off and not really moving...ha ha ha!

It's going to take a lot of patience on our end to get Heidi as trained as Bandit is, since we were able to start training Bandit at 5 weeks old and we're starting so late with Heidi. But it is worth it to know that Heidi is now going to have a loving home and Bandit is going to have a sister to play with. Heidi is such a sweet heart and absolutely loves to cuddle and give kisses. Not only that, but she seems to learn really fast...she's only been with us a few hours and she's already learned her new name. I think she'll be a great addition to the family. So wish us luck!


The Carlsons said...

Lindy I don't know why but that post almost made me cry! I'm so proud of you for taking her home to a loving place!! Thats cool that Bandit and Heidi are buddies already. Man. I want a dog!
how are you?!

The Carlsons said...

oh and I forgot to say she's gorgeous and I'm glad you renamed her. haha

Anna said...

I am JEALOUS!!!! I think I have even gone backwards with Matt and wanting a dog. He complains that now he feels too nervous to get one. ARRGGGG!!!!!!! What a beautiful dog though. Where did you adopt her? I can't wait to meet her!!