Saturday, August 15, 2009

Really? Again?

The boys are sick again. So far, the only symptoms are runny stuffy noses. Heaven help us, we're exhausted. Please be praying that the boy-o's get well very very soon and that we can avoid ear infections this time around.

And why is it that the boys seem to always get sick after spending time with the group of kiddos from church? As far as I could tell, none of the other kids were sick and I should hope that people wouldn't bring their sick kid to nursery or to child care during bible study....that's just not cool. The thing that sucks is that we can't very well isolate the boys from being around other children. They need to build up their immune systems. But it's just so heartbreaking to see them suffer like this.

So praying, both for the boys and for us parental units. But mostly for the boys.

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Connie Labunski said...

Grandson Jack had constant colds and ear infections while teething. Once the teeth popped, he was fine. It was terrible. Not a good time, will be thinking of you two, actually all four!