Sunday, August 30, 2009

Run Run Run Run!

I really wish I didn't feel like I had to apologize at the beginning of every post, but I have been less than diligent with my blogging. Life just feels like it's a race being run at full speed, and my legs are barely keeping up. Last week, my mom was here and the five of us spent Monday night in Pacific City...funny story, I'll tell it to you some time. Hopefully tomorrow, if Mommy gets a chance to sit down at the computer for longer than 30 seconds, which hasn't happened much lately.

In other news, my parents are moving to Newberg!!! For those of you not native to Oregon, Newberg is a scant 25 miles from McMinnville, which means that we can easily jet over there for family dinners, babysitting, homebrew marathons, etc. Mom and Dad will be heading up a dental practice in downtown Newberg, which is right up their alley, and they are moving into their rental on Friday. So excited! Nathan is going to be doing some graphic design work for them, creating a logo that will also be their letter head, business card, etc; in exchange, they bought us....

*drum roll please*


(Aka CS4)

For the non-computer geeks out there, that is the latest edition of the software we use to edit photos, create graphics and illustrations, etc. Oh my-lanta, I am so giddy! I've been dreaming of CS4 ever since I knew what CS4 was, and so far it hasn't disappointed me. To give you an idea of how far behind we were, up until a few days ago, we were operating on Adobe CS...that's THREE versions older than CS4. THREE times Adobe has decided that the current version is out of date and released a better one. We have finally arrived! Now all we need is a digital camera that will allow us to offer clients prints larger than 8 x 11 and we'll be set!

After I got off work this evening, we tossed the boys into the car and took a drive up one of the locals roads into the hills outside of McMinnville. I want to live up there...but the houses for sale were in the $600,000 range...nuff said. Anyway, when we returned home, it was so nice out that we decided to let the boys roam around on the front lawn, which lended itself very well to an impromptu baby photo shoot. Here's a quick preview, since it's now almost midnight and I hear my bed calling my name. Again, the editing yumminess of CS4 gives me goosebumps...lordy, I love editing!

Ok, here's the cutest two little boys in Yamhill County. Levi's on the left, and Asher's on the right. I swear we don't arrange them like that on purpose, they just always seem to be in that order!


Disclaimer: Blogger, for some reason, thinks it's a good idea to drop the data in photos that holds all the really vibrant colors, making it necessary to save web files to a less-than-optimal color type. Long story short, the colors in this version of the photo are not nearly as yummy as the edited-for-print version. So sorry. Stupid Blogger.

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Carly Carlson said...

they are so cute! great shot :)