Monday, October 5, 2009

A Banner Day In The Labunski Household

First of all, I have to thank God for the WIC program. For those of you who don't know what WIC is, it's a program that help women and children by giving vouchers for things like food, baby cereal, and most importantly (for a family with twins), formula! With their help, we were able to save over $300 per month because they gave us almost all of our formula each month.

But now they can give those vouchers to someone else who needs them because the boys are official weaned off of formula!!!

Levi and Asher had their 1-year well baby appointment just over a week ago. Granted, it wasn't really a "well" baby appointment because they were both sick with colds, but oh well. Asher weighed in at 19.5 lbs, which Levi weighed in at 18.5 lbs. Along with getting four immunizations, including flu shots, the doctor gave us the a-ok to gradually wean the boys off of their formula and on to whole milk. As of their final bottle last night, there was no formula in the mix! 100% milk!

It was nice to finally meet with a real pediatrician for the first time and get some answers to our major questions. Dr. Harbor told us that we really don't have to think about the boys' adjusted age anymore. Yay! They are kind of small for their birth age, but nothing to be concerned about and definitely not surprising considering that they were born 2.4 months early. Dr. Harbor gave us great pointers on what and how much the boys should be eating now, which is something we've been kind of flying blindly on for the past few months. It was hard to move and not have an established doctor, so having the boys established with someone again is a HUGE relief.

Life is good. And I'm so excited to not have to smell soy formula anymore!

P.S. Anyone have any tips on how to transport milk while traveling? I have to admit, traveling with formula is MUCH easier.

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Natascha Nugget said...

Transporting milk, eh? Um, how about those foam thingies that rednecks use to keep their beer cold at bbq' How about a mini Hmm...that is challenging...