Sunday, October 4, 2009

I Go Out Walkin' In The Moonlight

Last night's and tonight's skies were graced by big, beautiful harvest moon. I've never had the chance to do night photography before so I jumped on the opportunity the full moon presented.

Night photography is...HARD!

It takes forever to find the right exposure. And once you finally find it, it's next to impossible to get a good focus on the subject because, well, you can't SEE it! Because it's DARK!

But once you get it right (or as close to right as you can get it) it's breathtaking. Try to believe me that these were taken at 10 pm, with no flash, simply a camera and a tripod. And a reeeeeeally long exposure.

Yep, that's the big dipper in the first photo. Let me tell you, I was ridiculously giddy when I saw that it showed up in the photo!

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Carly said...

very very cool! i've been working on some night photograhy too- super hard!!!