Tuesday, January 26, 2010


As I've mentioned before, I have a love for craft blogs. Actually, it borders on an addiction. Only problem was, I'd find these great blogs, browse them for a while, close the window, and promptly forget what they were called! So I decided to finally bite the bullet and make a new blog roll to the right side of our blog titled "Craftiness!". It includes the Make It and Love It blog that I got most of my Christmas gift ideas from. Love it!

I don't know about the rest of you Mommies out there, but I NEED a creative outlet. Since theatre has been pushed to the side and Young Life (my insanity outlet) is a no-go due to my work schedule, random and useful crafts have become my outlets.

Most of the crafts are very simple and easy to do, accomplished within an hour or two. And a lot of them use things you have around the house or cheap fat quarters that you can get for about a dollar at places like Joann Fabric or Walmart. My favorites, though, are the ones that use things that are laying around the house begging for a purpose in life.

Hope this gives some of you a fun place to look for craft ideas! And keep checking back because I will be adding to the blog roll as I find more fun blogs!

POST EDIT*** There's just one problem with this blog roll...I CAN'T STOP ADDING TO IT! There are just too many great craft blogs out there!

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Kate said...

Can I just say a big THANKS for all the cute ideas?? I am biding my time over here with no money, so making things from leftover scraps of fabric is a fantastic idea!!