Saturday, January 2, 2010

Our Sons: Upright & Mobile

We're not sure what prompted it. Maybe something clicked in their brains. Maybe they were tired of rug burn on their knees. Maybe they were tired of having to crane their necks to see anything higher than six inches from the ground.

All I know is that right as I was laying down for a nap this afternoon, Nathan came running up the stairs into our room. There are really only two types of things that make Nathan run up those stairs: something really really good or something really really bad. He burst into the room and informed me that Levi, our firstborn, had successfully walked a good 7 steps or so in our living room all by himself, without any prompting. I smiled, exclaimed over how very cool that was, and went to sleep. I'm an awesome Mom like that.

I have to admit, I was a little worried that Levi would walk a couple of times and then give it up for a few days. But as soon as the boys got up from their naps, Levi was at it again. It took a little encouragement, but he loved how excited Mommy and Daddy got over his new trick.

Not to be outdone, Asher promptly went to the corner of the wall he was using to hold himself up, let go, and walked a good 4-6 steps. And giggled. The ENTIRE time. Stinkin' hilarious!

And now they won't stop. The distances are getting further and further, and their balance is steadily improving. I predicted that they will be running by next week.

Thank goodness they both got little monkey backpacks with leashes as tails for Christmas!


Carly said...

how freakin cute!! congrats on having 2 toddlers! :)

Auntie Dani said...

AT LAST! Evidence! I've been hearing about the famous first steps and have been DYING to see them! SO CUTE! I showed Tyrell and all he could do was laugh and say how awesome and adorable your kids are. Congrats guys!

Connie Labunski said...

....and they're off. There is no going back. How cute!