Monday, January 11, 2010

Just Shy of 30

When I weighed in on Saturday, I had a mixture of feelings as I saw my weight. First, I was excited because I had finally kicked the holiday slump and lost 2.6 lbs that week. And then the disappointment set in...

...I was 0.2 lbs away from hitting my 30 lb loss mark! GRR!

Oh well, that means hitting it next week will be a cinch. And since I'm so close, I figured I might as well do some photos to commemorate the occasion.

But first, a reminder of "before":


And now, 5 months later and 28.8 lbs lighter!

Only 14.2 lbs to go before I hit my first goal weight! Really, honestly, I'd love to lose a total of 50 lbs, which would put me at 124.4 lbs, but we'll see how 130 looks and feels first.

And now I'm off to work. It's my Friday, yay!


Carly said...

HOLY CRAP HOT MAMA!!!!!! DANG! you are such an inspiration, it makes me want to pop this baby out so i can get to losing again! you are awesome lindy! you look AMAZING! i bet you feel even better than you look, you just glow!

Kate said...

I thought "Just shy of 30" was in reference to your ancient husband. HA! ;-)

Congrats, Lindy, you really look amazing. And I hope I can have a buddy to encourage me to lose these preggo pounds in a few months!

Arly said...

you look great!!