Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Off The Scale Victories

One of the things that Weight Watchers really encourages is finding ways to mark victories besides on the scale. It's wonderful, because there are definitely weeks where the scale fails me. Or maybe I fail the scale. I dunno. Either way, without off-the-scale victories, I would be totally discouraged. Take this week for instance. I gained 1.2 lbs. Not a surprise, I didn't track my points for a single day, so it was totally my fault. Failed the scale, and all that.

But that was totally off-set by my afternoon. I'm a bridesmaid in Dani's wedding in September; she and her future sister-in-law/maid of honor picked me up for a trip to David's Bridal for an afternoon of trying on pretty dresses. I haven't tried on pretty dresses since picking out my wedding dress...about four years ago...when my dress was a size 18. Yikes.

When we got there, I asked the sales assistant to measure me to figure out my new (completely unknown) dress size. After measuring and consulting her sizing chart, she announced the magic number to be....

...16 or 18.

Umm, no. That was my size 30 lbs ago. She was pretty determined I'd need at least a 16, so I let her grab that size in a sleeveless dress. After putting it on and zipping it up (sans bra), I walked out of the dressing room...and came about an inch from flashing everyone in the store when the dress attempted to drop to the floor.

Next came the size 14. Still baggy, still gaping, thankfully not a strapless. The sales assistant grabbed the back of the dress, pulled it tight, and said, "You know, I think you could fit in a 10. That's why I hate those size charts."


Sure enough...

Granted, this wasn't the first size 10 dress I tried on, but this is the one that, when I walked out of the fitting room, everyone went "ooooooooooooooooh". That's always a good sign. The dress is a little snug, but I'm still losing weight (not counting this week) so it will fit perfectly by the time I reach my goal weight. The blue isn't the color I'll be wearing, but they only had three dresses in the entire store in my color.

This was one of them...the fit looks a little funky because it's two sizes too big so they had to put clothes pins on my back, but at least you can see the color!

I was honestly worried the color would look horrible with my skin tone, but it's really not bad!

And just for giggles, here's the first size 10 I tried on, the one I loved until I tried on the dark blue one. And dude, it has pockets! Tabitha, the maid of honor who just had a baby, ended up choosing this one, citing the pacifier carrying pockets as the determining factor.

In other news, Asher has a sharp tip of a molar poking through his upper gums. He is in SO much pain. Add a runny nose and copious amounts of drool to the equation and the little guy is miserable. He woke up last night screaming his brains out and wouldn't be consoled for a good 20 was painful.

Dear Molar,

Please hurry up with this whole breaking-through-the-gums thing. I'm tired of seeing my baby in pain. And the non-stop drool isn't real fun either.


Here's my man hanging on the boys' big pillow, watchin' tv, and petting the dog with his feet.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love my boys? I just hope this evil molar makes a full appearance soon so we can have a little bit of peace around here...until the next one decides to show its shining face...cusp...whatever.

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Arly said...

YAY! congrats on a size 10!! You're rocking my socks off Lindy! Good job.

As for the molar, Nathan cut all four of his within a week of each other. It was the most cranky time I've ever had with him. But they're all through now, and he's on to cutting his K9's. Sigh.

I am sure you know this, being a dental daughter, but what really helps Nathan is hot hot water with salt in it, then applied with a cloth for as long as he'll let me. I hope it works for you!