Wednesday, March 31, 2010


No...not mine. I keep telling you, I'm not pregnant and it's not going to happen any time soon. Or ever, if I have anything to say about it!

But my sister in law is!!!! But you already knew that. She's 29 1/2 weeks along and I am so incredibly excited to meet my little nephew in just about 10 weeks. Hear that sis?! TEN WEEKS!!!!

Last Saturday, we got to celebrate the soon-to-be new addition to the family (not to mention Momma) at a baby shower. After getting off of work on Friday night, I drove up to my mother in law's in Hillsboro and after some chit chatting, set to work on some decorations. I think I finally fell into bed around 1:30 am, with an alarm set for 8:30 am.

A few decoration adjustments, a shower, and a quick trip to the Party Store later, Mommy, Daddy, future Grandma (on Daddy's side), and one of Mommy's friends arrived...just in time for Mommy and Daddy to be whisked away by yours truly for a whirlwind maternity photo shoot. Have I mentioned lately how much I love maternity shoots? No? Well I do. They tickle me pink...or blue...depending on the gender of the baby. Ha ha. Anyway.

Here's my fave photo out of the whole shoot. It makes me miss being pregnant...NOT! HA HA HA! PSYCH! But seriously, I love capturing the beauty of an expecting mother. My sister in law makes such a beautiful soon-to-be-mommy.

Until I have her permission, that's all I'm going to share (especially since it's the only photo SHE has seen so far!) but here are some photos from the baby shower. It was a Woodland Critter theme, and too much fun to decorate for!

Pudding "dirt" dessert (complete with worms) and the cloth diaper cake I fashioned.

Ants on a log! Take you back to kindergarden, much?

Toadstools (made of hard boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes, and feta cheese).

I heart wooden blocks...bought these for the boys and couldn't resist using them as decor.

Using found objects for decor is way too much fun...found these in mom's garage.

All in all, I think it was a success...although I missed the last half since I had to jump into the car in order to be back for work at 5 pm. Quick trip! But it was worth it. And now a parting shot...of me...indulging in the decorate-your-own-cookie station. Don't judge, I worked hard, man!


Kate said...

I think I just passed out a little bit from that 10 week comment.... holy cow...

Thanks for all your help with the shower and thank you especially for the beautiful photos! You're amazing for doing all of that in one day!!

Carly said...

SOOOOO CUTE! and you look beautiful!

Anonymous said...

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