Friday, March 19, 2010

Ok, Seriously

Here's the low-down on our family for the past week or so. The boys started with runny noses, which then progressed into coughs, prompting Nathan to take them into the doctor last Friday while I was working. Usually when they have coughs, it's the only symptom we're able to see of ear infections. Sure enough, another bout of double ear infections for the both of them.

Fast forward three days, to this Tuesday. I wake up with a ridiculously sore throat, so bad that I'm barely able to talk. Here's the funny thing about being a 911 dispatcher...without our voices and our hands, we're pretty much useless. So I called in to work and managed to croak to the supervisor that I wouldn't be into work. Nathan took the boys up to Hillsboro to his mom's so he could make a quick Costco run (we were pretty much out of diapers and wipes, both essential items in our household these days) so I was able to have the house to myself for a good six hours or so...bliss, I'm telling you, pure bliss. Unfortunately, Nathan called me before heading home to inform me that the boys both had pink eye. Wonderful. They most likely caught it from the neighbor's kids.

The next morning, my throat didn't feel any better...another day home from work. So Nathan and I both took the boys to the doctor, where they were issued a prescription for eye $75 for 3 ml of fluid! EEK!

Yesterday I was feeling better, so I left poor Nathan (who was also starting to feel under the weather) home with the boys and headed to work. The bright spot in this week of ickiness was that I found out that I'm to start shadow phase on Tuesday! This is the last phase of my training before I go solo. The training supervisor said I should only need 2-3 weeks of shadow phase, which means I should be solo by middle of April! Yay! Unfortunately, by the end of the night, I felt like a bus had hit me, put it in reverse, and repeated the job. Besides my throat hurting again, my left ear was completely plugged up and hurting. Great.

Then to top it off, I woke up this morning with (what else?) pink eye. While my left ear is no longer completely plugged up, both of my ears are slightly plugged. Unfortunately, Nathan and I aren't established with a doctor here in McMinnville, which means no available appointments for me. I'll probably end up going to Immediate Care this afternoon...I thought I'd wait to see how my ears do, but they're steadily getting worse. Lovely.

Because of how much I've been sleeping in an attempt to get well enough to work, I really haven't seen the boys since Wednesday, but I think they're starting to feel better. Nathan, on the other hand, is feeling like crud, although he has so far managed to avoid pink eye (knock on wood). I think I jinxed myself when I gloated over the fact that Nathan and the boys have required doctors visits and prescriptions, while I have not. Gosh darn it.

So seriously...enough already, ok?!

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Auntie Dani said...

That sucks! I hate pink eye, I've had it twice and it sucks sucks sucks! It's crazy how easy you can get it.

Your family sickness reminds me of my sophomore year at Pacific when all of Clark got bronchitis. We used to joke about how poorly ventilated it was because of certain smells never going away. But when ONE person got bronchitis, oh man, it was like the PLAGUE!

I hope you and your family get better soon!!!