Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Been A While...Sorry 'Bout That

It's been a pretty wild past few weeks. Not to mention stressful! I've been looking down the barrel of finishing up my training at work, something that has quite literally been almost a year in the making. Kid you not...I started last July. Yes, that's a normal amount of time, but it was getting...old. Tiring. And after having it pushed back a couple of times I wasn't going to believe it until I got the "Congrats, you're solo!" email from my boss. Today, I got that email!!! What a relief! I feel like I can breathe again.

The boys have been a ton of fun, of course, but a total handful! They're so adventurous that they want to touch, taste, smell EVERYTHING. Funny story. Last Sunday we all went up to Nathan's dad's to hang out after church. The boys have become incredibly adept at feeding themselves from plates with forks; in fact, they pretty much refuse to eat without some sort of utensil. Well, we were eating hamburgers and macaroni salad, not exactly a clean combo; the boys had macaroni salad all over their faces and hands. Levi, who was sitting next to me, saw me wiping my mouth with a napkin and held out his hand in a rather demanding way. So I gave him one, helped him wipe of his mouth, and showed him how to wipe off his hands. He got it immediately, so cool! Of course, Asher wanted to try it too! They're such smart boys! The kicker was when we found Asher crouched behind his grandpa's recliner, pulling kleenez out of the box. He would pull one out, wipe his mouth, pull another one out, wipe his mouth, pull another one get the point. It was pretty hilarious!

Nathan's sister's baby is due in three days. THREE DAYS! I can't even tell you how excited I am to meet my little nephew...although I'm sure it's nothing compared to how excited Kate is to not be pregnant anymore, ha ha ha!

My parents were good enough to agree at the last minute to watch the boys overnight on Sunday of Memorial Weekend, so Nathan and I could get away for a night to celebrate our fourth anniversary. At Kate's recommendation, we booked a room at the On The Beachfront Inn in Lincoln City, splurging a bit on the Ocean Room which came with a hot tub on our own private balcony overlooking the beach and ocean. It was a minor miracle that there was even a room available! The inn is actually a collection of four different inns, all catering to romantic getaways, going so far as banning children under 12 years old except on two floors. Love it! We stayed in ALL day and night, only going out once for a walk on the beach, and even brought stuff for fondue and wine so we could eat in. I know it was the most relaxed I've been in...years? I heartily recommend this hotel for anyone looking for a getaway with your hunny!

Other than that, I almost broke my arm on Sunday. We got back from Nathan's dad's house, I picked up Levi to take him upstairs to bed, and tripped over the boys' riding car. Both my feet went out from under me, and the only thing I could think was, "Don't let Levi hit the floor". So I caught myself with my left arm locked at the elbow. It was by far the most pain I've ever felt; I literally was rolling on the ground, almost unable to breathe, for a good five minutes. Fortunately, nothing was broken. I have almost full movement, but still some pain whenever I try to lift or push/pull, and I'm undecided as to whether I need to visit an orthopedic surgeon. It's so hard not being in Baker where I know all the docs! Where's Dr. Sandefur when you need him?!?!

But is good! I was going to leave you with a cute video of the boys, but it reveals the "Welcome to the World!" present I'm making for our little nephew! So once he's arrived, I will post it. Now I'm going to head upstairs to bed. Night!

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Kate said...

Yes, I am so excited about not being preggo anymore. Imagine 10 WEEKS after you gave birth STILL being pregnant. Yeah.

I'm so glad you liked the place at the beach! So romantic... <3

And TOO FUNNY about the boys using napkins!