Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Dress!

I'm on a little bit of a dress kick, have you noticed? I saw this dress on a blog and absolutely fell in love with it; from then on, I was on the look out for a pattern that would make this bodice.

I finally found one that I could modify to look the same. After that, it was just a matter of finding a fabric I liked for the bottom half. I'm still not 100% satisfied, but it will work! Here's the finished result!

The main difference I can see is that there aren't any gathers at the top of the skirt, where it meets the midriff. But that's ok by me! My second go at sewing with a pattern was much easier, and went much more smoothly.

Oh, and an update from my 5k, it was not poison oak or ivy - all of my welts are completely gone. Thank God! But in exchange, I'm barely able to walk down stairs because my thighs and knees are so sore! No pain no gain, right?

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