Sunday, June 27, 2010

He's HERE!

Yes, yes, this is a week past due, but (as always) it's been a busy week.

Without futher ado, meet our nephew James Sebastian Grasso!

Thanks to my parents watching the boys overnight, Nathan and I were able to make a quick trip down to Springfield to meet Baby James. He is so very sweet, and I only heard him really cry once when he was super hungry. The rest of the time...he slept. And ate. And slept. And ate. And slept some more. Ah, those were the days. It was fun to watch Kate and Eliot grow into their new roles as parents, even for as short a time as we were down there. And it was so wonderful to hold a newborn again! I kept offering to let other people hold him, feeling guilty for monopolizing him, but not minding in the least when they let me keep him! Ha ha ha.

I'm sure other people have had this same experience...but holding a newborn makes it glaringly obvious just how big our boys have grown! When we came home, I was brought face to face with the fact that my boys are no longer 'babies'. Sad in a way, but you couldn't pay me enough to go back to twin infants. No siree.

I did have the opportunity to do a couple mini photo shoots of Baby James, although he only lasted about five minutes after being put down before deciding it was chow time again. Hopefully we'll go down there again very soon and we can get our timing a little better. Thanks, Kate and Eliot, for such a cute model! I'm hoping to get those photos edited during my weekend (Monday & Tuesday), so I can get them to the proud parents and show a couple of them off on here!

On the weight front, no, I'm not at my goal weight yet. I went up a little bit after eating so much salty food during our trip to Springfield, and ended up not going to my Weight Watchers meeting this morning because I simply couldn't sleep last night...I was up until about 5:30 am. Ick! I'm hoping to reach goal this week, so I'll keep you posted.

The good news is that I made a quick trip to Old Navy while in Springfield because my jeans were getting way too baggy and I kept having to hike them up every few minutes. Ladies and gentlemen, I now fit into a size 8 jeans!!! To give you a little perspective, I was in a size 18 jean when I started this journey.

And then I ducked into Goodwill this afternoon to find a cute dress to remake into a skirt, and found this little number.

Size 6. SIX!!!

I honestly can't remember the last time I fit into a six of anything, let alone a dress.

*Side note* Six is a very odd word. Look at it for more than half a second, type it a couple of times, and I promise you'll start wondering if you're spelling it right.

I did find a dress made of really cute fabric to turn into a skirt; size 14, perfect for a redux. Here's the before and after.

I'm not 100% happy with it, I think I'll end up shortening it a bit to make it hit right above the knee. But I love the fabric! I bought half a yard of white stretchy cotton knit fabric to create a wide top band, attached it to the skirt portion that I cut off the dress, folded the band over in half, and there you have it...a comfy skirt with a little built-in tummy support.

Ok, bedtime. It's so hard to force yourself to go to bed only an hour or two after you get off work; 0100 is avery awkward time to go off shift.

But first, a dose of'll see:

Levi rockin' the Mariners hat at Toys R Us.

Asher being...Asher. What a goober.


Arly said...

Woohoo! On everything! And we had to buy Nathan a Dodgers hat. How sacrilege is that?!

Carly said...

1) congrats on the nephew! what a handsome man! i like the name a lot!!
2) you look like a little pixie model! you are so skinny! that goal is right around the corner, you can do it!
3) your boys. are. huge.

Kate said...

Thank you and Nathan so much for babysitting the other day, and for coming to visit, and for the photo shoot... I am about a week behind with my thank yous! :-)