Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fun in the Snow

Last night it snowed. I think it brought out the kids in us, because both Nathan and I were so excited that we simply couldn't fall asleep. At one point, we went out to the front of the house to watch the snow fall and ended up having the first snowball fight of the season...I think it was around midnight or so. Hey, you've got to embrace your inner child, right?

A little bit later, I took Bandit out back to play in the snow. By this time, there was about 3 inches of show everywhere. Bandit had a blast, and it was absolutely halarious to watch him run around the back yard like a maniac. I ended up having to take him inside when he got so excited that he started barking...at 1 am. Oops. But while I was outside with him, I took some pictures of the pretty snow, since it is suppose to melt off in the next few days. So for those of you who are aching for Baker (cough cough Arly and Carly cough cough), here's a few pics of the first semi-big snow of the season!

The neighbor's tree...the picture doesn't do it justice.

Snow piled up on the back fence.

I liked how the snow stuck to the fence...don't mind the funky green color.

Bandit getting covered in snow.

The patio furnature covered in snow...we should probably put those away.

Bandit being a goober.

He kept eating the snow.

And now, the moment we've all been waiting for, the video of Bandit going completely insane in the back yard. Sorry, my camera doesn't have sound, but it's still pretty funny.

So there we have it. Our first night of snow. Obviously we had a blast with it!

Tomorrow night after I get off work at 6, we hop in the car and head down to Burns to have Thanksgiving dinner with my parents and grandparents. We'll get up early on Thursday morning, go goose hunting, come home, help with dinner, have an early turkey dinner, then immediately jump back in the car to come back home because both of us have to work on Friday. Friday night, we're having a get-together with a bunch of our friends. Quite a few of my friends from high school are going to be home for the break, some of them for the first time in forever! Then Saturday and Sunday are reserved for just Nathan and I. One of those days, we're hoping to go up to the Anthony Lakes area with Bandit and have a family snow day. So I'm really looking forward to the rest of this week. Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!

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