Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Good Morning!

Just thought I would share with you all what I opened the shades to this morning. I posted this mainly for those of you still living in the valley. I mean don't get me wrong; non-stop rain, traffic and crime share that special place in my heart. Actually that was a lie. If you don't think that waking up to sunny skies and snowcapped mountains is better than the convenience of an overpriced mall then I imagine you are doing just fine. I miss you guys though... but not enough to leave this paradise. Anyway, I went hunting again last Sunday with my father in-law. He shot a duck and Bandit jumped in the water and brought it back. I know that is probably posted below but I thought I would say it again because I am amazed and proud of my now useful dog.



The Carlsons said...

I HATE LIVING IN IDAHO! Nathan, that was simply rude of you. I cried when I saw those pictures. I miss my Baker Valley so much, I wanna hop in my car and go right now! :( :( :(
(I woke up to a dark morning and it seems like it's only gotten darker. Poo!)

Kate said...

I just want to say that it WAS sunny today, and I saw the beautiful snow-capped Sisters mountains this morning on the way to work. Life in the valley ain't that bad... and I get to work next to a Pottery Barn. :-D

Arly said...

Carly, if you HATE LIVING IN IDAHO, try living in Tejas. Seriously. At least Idaho is a LITTLE bit like Oregon. AND, at least you can drive to Oregon in a reasonable amount of time. Loser.