Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Kickin' Butt & Takin' Names

Yesterday I finally figured out how to get around my "I don't do anything besides work and sleep" woes. These days, I feel like that's all I do. Work. Sleep. Lather rinse repeat. Gotta love being pregnant. My major problem is that I go to sleep and then I don't want to wake up until the last possible minute. And that doesn't lend itself to getting anything done. The thing is, I usually don't go to bed until around 7 am, when Nathan gets up for work and I am so much more motivated/energetic right after I get off work.

So yesterday after getting of work at 6, I immediately went to the grocery store and got a bunch of pregnancy friendly foods. Afterwards I went home and threw the ingredients for a kick-butt split pea soup in the crock pot, did two loads of laundry, renewed my parent's flood insurance, made a dental appointment for myself, did the dishes, and cleaned the kitchen. All before 8:30. It was awesome. By the time I went to bed, the only thing I needed to get done was put away one load of laundry and get my parent's mail. It was awesome. And the best part was that I could sleep as long as I wanted without feeling guilty because I had already gotten so much done. So now that's going to be my strategy when I'm on graveyard...get as much done as possible before going to bed and then sleep as long as possible.

It was so great to go to Young Life club last night. I've really missed my co-leaders and the kids. Granted, it wasn't a regular club, we just kind of hung out and watched the basketball championship game, but it was a ton of fun! Before club, we had our monthly leader dinner, where Nathan and I spilled the beans about there being a little Labunski on the way. The reactions were great, lots of overjoyed screaming and clapping. After that, it was fun to just be able to hang out with the kids without having to worry about getting songs or a skit ready. I think the only person really paying attention to the game was Joe, one of my co-leaders.

I got home in time to join Nathan downstairs and watch the game go into overtime, and then watch Kansas win...that was literally the only game of the entire thing that I watched. By the end of the overtime, I was practically falling asleep on the couch. I hadn't gotten much sleep in the two days prior, so I decided it was time to head to bed by around 8:30. By 9, I was asleep and I barely woke up when Nathan came to bed at 11:30. Thing is, it's become pretty normal for me to fall asleep early on my nights off, and then wake up at around 2:30 am wide awake. I usually go back to bed when Nathan wakes up at 7 or so, but this really does freaky things to my sleep schedule.

So here I am, 5:14 am, watching Far & Away and waiting for 7:00 to get here. My life is so riveting.

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