Monday, July 27, 2009

The Anticipation Is KILLING Me!

Tomorrow we receive our check for the sale of our house! Which also means that tomorrow, we:

  • Pay of Nathan's student loan and kick Sallie Mae to the curb!
  • Pay off our final credit card, cancel it, and figure out a creative way to destroy it!
  • Pay off the last of the medical bills from when when I was on bedrest and the boys were born!
  • Pay the final bills from our Baker utilities!
  • Become 100% debt free!
Not that I'm excited or anything.

Nathan and I just got done cooking up a TON of baby food for the boys. Nathan's sister, Kate, has an amazing garden and she has lovingly donated huge zuchinni's and several yellow squash, which are now cooling (filling) in our largest pyrex bowl. We also made a small amount of green beans, chopped up some blueberries, and made a large amount of tomato chicken pasta...glop, for lack of a better word.

The boys also went on their first adventure with teething biscuits, which Nathan's mom bought them. Man oh man, did they love those biscuits! Asher gobbled his entire biscuit down, even managing to chew up some decent sized chunks that he bit off, while Levi got about half way through his and then donated the rest to the dog. He's generous like that. It was fun to watch the boys feed themselves like that, although I do have to say that the clean up left something to be desired...drying, slobbery biscuit isn't exactly fun to try to get off of a baby's face and hands. Ah well, they liked it! Here's a couple of pictures.



Asher is also getting SOOOOOO close to going from laying on his side to sitting up all on his own. He's just one hand scootch away from pushing himself upright. This picture was taken a few days ago, and he got even closer than this just last night.

Levi, on the other hand, is choosing to explore his career options; right now he is taking a closer look at dentistry, and he regularly practices on Mommy, Daddy, and sometimes even his brother.

Wrestling has also become a regular occurrence in the Labunski household. If they're already starting at 10 months old, how much trouble am I in?

Asher on top, Levi being pinned.

It won't be boring, I can tell you that much!

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