Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Week of Firsts


That is a sigh of relief, not to be confused with a shriek of horror.

I love our new home. Seriously. I will take pictures of the rooms eventually, but right now I can't really find our camera and flash cord, and it's a pain in the butt to get photos off of our iPhones.

Yeah...we got iPhones. Kind of ridiculous, but they weren't any more or less expensive than other phones to choose from and they are A-MA-ZING! Did you know that we can now do internet ANYWHERE that we have service?! It just blows my mind. We originally signed up with T-Mobile before we moved here, but as soon as we got into our house, we discovered that our phones only had one bar in our house and only two bars outside of it. Lame. So we cancelled our service with them (within the 14 day "Buyer's Remorse" period, and went with AT&T. Anyway, enough about that.

We have sucessfully unpacked and organized every room in the house except for the office, which is tomorrow's project. Nathan is working on the garage as I type this, and it's starting to finally come together. I love love love our house and I'll be completely happy staying here for a few years. I also love our neighborhood. We've met several of our neighbors, and all of them are incredibly friendly, and most of them are young families. There's a great pathway through the neighborhood to a local park (which has the most phenominal play structures, btw) that we have been walking every night. The boys can't get enough stroller rides. Last night we walked to the park and the boys got to swing in the baby swings for the first time. Too adorable, and they had a great time.


Asher in the swing.

Levi having fun in the swing.

Asher on the cool lady bug bouncer.

Asher & Daddy going down the slide. Who looks more afraid?

Oh, and did I mention that we only live 45 miles from Lincoln City? Yeah, we went to Mo's for dinner on Tuesday night. The boys enjoyed oatmeal with applesauce while Nathan and I enjoyed fish and chips, mmmm.

Levi enjoying his gourmet Oatmeal & Applesauce with Daddy.

Asher & Mommy at Mo's...oh yeah, my hair is really short now.

Our view from our table at Mo's.

We also took a brief (emphasis on the word brief) jaunt onto the beach, but it was only 57 degrees out and windy so I don't think the boys really appreciated their first beach experience.

Umm, BRRR?!

This afternoon, we are planning on going to the Farmer's Market that is downtown, to get some fresh fruits and veggies for the boys (and us), after which Nathan is heading up to his dad's for some guy time, to watch some baseball, and to make a Costco run as we are woefully low on baby wipes. Meanwhile, I will hang out with the boys and enjoy some baby-mommy time.

As for 4th of July weekend? We have no idea. So stay tuned.

And now for one last blast of cuteness.

Levi left, Asher right. The boys love their new room, which is at least two times as big as their old one.

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Natascha Nugget said...

Your house is ADORABLE! And your boys are even cuter in person. I can't believe I live so close to you now, and can't wait to visit you again soon!