Friday, September 18, 2009

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Earlier this year, when I dove back into photography, I was pining over a higher quality camera. At that time, the camera of my dreams was a Nikon D200...I didn't dare dream any higher. But one quick look at our finances swiftly put to rest any hope that a D200 would be mine in the foreseeable future.

Fast forward a few months.

We're debt free. We sold our gas-guzzler, were smart about buying an older yet more gas efficient car, completed our emergency fund...and had money to spare. All the sudden, affording a new camera no longer seemed so impossible. Add to equation that we received a sizable refund check from our house insurance on the house in Baker, and suddenly the dream becomes a reality. A reality that we paid cash for! Except the reality was so much sweeter...we were able to afford a Nikon D300s, which is a model they just came out with last month, complete with HD video capability!

Momma's got a brand new toy!

Ok, ok, it's Daddy's new toy too. And it's not really a toy. Well...sort of a toy. But it's also for business. You see, as professional photographers, it's pretty embarrassing to tell clients, "I've got some great shots for you but the problem is that my camera is, well, the biggest print you can get is an 8x10."


With this camera, we can go as high as a 24"x30" and still get a great quality print. Muuuuuch better.

That's just a smidgen of an example of what is awesome about this camera. I won't bore you with the rest. Just suffice it to say that it's a phenominal camera and money well spent. Now if only I could find a way to post my RAW photos to the internet without it messing up my colors, I could show you how amazing it is when a D300 and Photoshop CS4 meet. It's a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Actually, this one isn't too bad. It just dulled the intensity of the colors somewhat. I love aspen trees, don't you?

PS. My WW weigh in was yesterday. I reached my 5% goal! (That means I've lost 5% of my beginning weight.) Woot!

PPS. I also found out yesterday that I got a 98% on my Emergency Medical Dispatch certification exam. (That means I only missed one question.) Double woot!

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