Tuesday, September 22, 2009

One Year


We no longer have infants. We're mere months away from having toddlers.

I could wax philosophical about how amazing it is to have these boys in our lives, but I'll just leave it with this: Levi and Asher are the best things to ever happen to us, and they amaze/bless us every single day.

Their birthday party last night was a blast. We had a LOT of people here, especially for our little house, and it was a great group of people...the amazing part was how well the boys handled having that many people in such a small space. It got a little loud and overwhelming, even for me. And the presents. Wow. These boy-0's are incredibly loved (aka spoiled)!

They weren't real into their cakes, possibly because it was the most sugar they've ever had and possibly because of all the people cheering them on. Loud people are SO much more entertaining than cake! All in all, good times were had by all!

The boys' big cake and some of their loot. Spoiled boys!

Levi (left) and Asher (right) with their individual cakes. Mmmm.

Levi "opening" presents...not too sure what's going on.

Asher playing on the blanket outside.

Levi yawning. It was kind of a long evening for the kiddos.

Asher playing with the neighbor boy, Michael. They kinda like each other.

Grammy Gayle with Asher.

Levi with Grandma Jan and Great Pappy in the background.

Asher and Michael playing again.

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