Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Have a New Addiction

But I can't tell you what it is.

Ok, I can tell you WHAT it is, but I can't tell you exactly what it is because I'm making Christmas gifts off of it and I don't want any of you to peek!

I found this blog. A craft blog. But not one of those, "why in the world would I make that, the last thing I need is more crap" craft blogs. Oh no, this one is chock full of necessary things that you can make for a couple of dollars instead of buy for ten times as much. I just about lost it when I saw the stinkin' adorable things on her blog.

I promise I'll share it with you...after Christmas.

Until then...a sample of one of the things I made. Have you ever heard of Baby Legs? No? Here's a visual; think the scrunchy leg warmers of the 80's, except covering the entire length of a baby's legs. They're to keep the kiddo's legs warm while still keeping it easy to change diapers, and also to protect chubby little knees during the crawling stage.

Only problem? They're $12 per pair!!!!

But on this blog, the author shared the idea of buying women's tube socks, cutting off the foot and sewing it to make a cuff, and then sewing the newly-made cuff to the upper part of the sock...voila! Baby Legs. Six pair for $10! See? Practical AND affordable! I'll post pictures once the boys wake up from their post-lunch nap.

I love post-lunch naps.


Kate said...

Instead of "Addiction" I read "Addition" and immediately thought you were pregnant lol! :-)

Lindy said...

Ha ha ha...not funny.

Arly said...

I thought(read) that too! Oops! Hahaha. And I LOVE baby legs! I want to know how!!

Lindy said...

Shoot, I should have taken photos of the process. Hmm...actually, the blog I won't reveal until after Christmas just gave a link to the real baby legs instructions, so I can give that one.

Sorry it's a ridiculously long address. The part about making the cuff is a little confusing, let me know if you need clarification. It took a bit of head scratching on my part before I figured it out.