Saturday, September 19, 2009

When Camera and Grapes Meet

Nathan took Levi and Asher to my parents' place to watch the Beavs game, leaving me to spend my evening however I wished. I played with the camera.

Are you surprised?

I didn't think so.

There are vineyards all around McMinnville, and all of the vines are heavy with grapes. I'm guessing it's a matter of days until the harvest takes place. Knowing this, I wanted to get to a vineyard as soon as possible to catch some photos of grape bunches before they disappear until next fall.

This is my favorite one. Yes, I know, it seems weird to do a black & white of red grapes, but it struck my fancy.

Once again, I lament the dirty things the internet does to my photos. I know you're tired of hearing it, but it's just plain painful. Hopefully someday you'll be able to see what these are ACTUALLY suppose to look like.

Now I'm going to get my lunch ready for work tomorrow, lay out my clothes, and curl up in bed with a good book.

PS. The boys turn one year old day after tomorrow. I've decided that we're not just celebrating their birth. Oh no. We're also celebrating surviving the first year of raising twins! Yay us!

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