Friday, May 23, 2008

John & Kate Plus Eight

Nathan and I have recently started watching a show on TLC called John & Kate Plus Eight. This couple started out with a set of twin girls, who are now 7 years old. Four years later, they decided to get pregnant again...and this time had SEXTUPLETS!!! Those six kids are now 3 years old. And the show basically docments the insanity that is John & Kate's life with eight kids!

To be honest, before being pregnant with twins, I HATED this show. It just stressed me out to see how stressed out Kate always was. But now....ah how times have changed. Now, Nathan and I get an almost twisted enjoyment out of watching this show and saying to each other, "Oh honey, thank God we're only having twins!" Because, really, watching these eight kids makes twins seem like it's going to be a cake walk in comparison.

Don't get me wrong, I know twins is going to be hard. But man...EIGHT KIDS! And people wonder why I want to get my tubes tied...pffft.

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