Monday, May 5, 2008

Ode To Maternity Pants

No, really, there's honestly nothing more comfortable than maternity jeans. I wear jeans pretty much every day and was so sad when the waist band of my favorite jeans started getting too tight. And then my BAGGY jeans got too tight. So this Saturday, Nathan and I took a trip to Boise and went to the Old Navy in Eagle, which is the closest Old Navy that carries maternity clothes. Have I ever mentioned that Old Navy jeans are the only ones that consistently fit me? So imagine my joy when I found out that they make maternity wear! The best part...these maternity jeans fit so perfectly, they don't even look like they're maternity pants. Yay for being comfortable AND stylish! I've decided that since this is most likely going to be my only pregnancy, I'm going to look darn cute for the entire thing!

We also made a stop at Babies R Us to pick up a maternity pillow for know, one of those that curls around at the top for a place to put your head and also at the bottom to put between your knees. It's a miracle we got out of that store with only the pillow! The pillow is taking some getting use to, but it's stinkin' comfortable when lounging in bed reading. And at least it's helping keep me from trying to sleep on my stomach, which no longer works because I feel like I have a rock in my tummy.

Speaking of rock in my tummy...I swear my bump is growing noticeably bigger every single day. It probably drives people nuts, but I just love feeling it. This whole being pregnant thing is still pretty surreal, so this hard, round tummy is a constant reality check.

One recent negative side effect of being pregnant: I am having the most crazy, active dreams that keep waking me up every half an hour. And if they don't wake me up, they make my body move, keeping my poor husband awake. Part of that might stem from not being able to sleep on my stomach. Part of it might be the musical I'm in right opens on Friday, we still don't have all the music memorized, and the songs keep looping through my mind even when I'm asleep.

But believe me, I have no problem putting up with all these things in exchange for my lack of morning sickness. Thank you God for sparing me that particular nastiness!

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Arly said...

Amen Sister! I LOVE my maternity pants. I've almost decided that I shall put soft coated elastic into all my pants, pre-pregnancy and otherwise. :)