Friday, May 23, 2008

New Cell Phones Soon!

Just giving you a heads up, both Nathan and I are going to be getting new cell phone numbers. Somehow we've managed to stay with T Mobile for the past two years, even though they don't technically provide service to this area. We've been able to do this because T Mobile, along with other awesomeness, does not charge roaming fees. Well, all that came to an end yesterday when we got a letter from T Mobile saying that they had notice that most (ha ha, ALL) of our calls were being conducted while roaming. As a result, they are terminating our service by June 26th. Not a big deal, we knew this would happen eventually, we're just surprised it took this long. But the good news it that this way our service is cancelled without having to pay cancellation fees. Sweet. So we're going to switch to Unicel, who will let us get new local numbers, keep our current phones, AND pay us to switch to them.

So anyway, this is the heads up that soon you'll be seeing new phone numbers for us. I'll send out another message when that happens, with the numbers themselves.

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