Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Whirlwind of Activity!

Whew! I am amazed what two people can get done in a day and a half when they put their minds to it...the two people being Nathan and my mother in law, not me. Monday morning, I slept in (8:30 is sleeping in when your alarm usually goes off at 4:45), watched Golden Compass, took a shower, and went to the high school during the lunch hour. Granted, I didn't really get to hang out with any kids, because my high school choir director saw me and snapped me up...he's a new grandpa himself, so he had a ton of questions about the twins, and it was really fun to talk to him.

Later that afternoon, Nathan's mom arrived at our house. We just chatted for about half an hour and then went to the grocery store to get stuff for dinner. When we got back, Jan kept me company while I made chicken capri (yum!) and rice. After dinner, I was off to our last Young Life club of the school year, and Nathan and Jan tackled dismantling and preparing the living room for painting. By the time I got home, the room was ready for the first coat and by the time I went to bed, one wall was mostly done. HOW COOL! I just have to say, Jan is a painting machine! When I got up the next morning (this time sleeping in until 9:30), Jan and Nathan had all three tan walls almost I said, painting machines. I spent the rest of the morning being the go-fer girl and doing laundry while trying to avoid too many paint fumes.

In the afternoon, my friend Dana and I went to the local quilt shop, Traditions, and had a ton of fun picking out fabric for the twins' cribs. I've discovered that it is next to impossible to find cute bedding for the mini cribs that we're going to order, unless you want to pay about $300 out the nose for a sheet, bumper, dust ruffle, and mini quilt. My friend Arly, who is also going to be buying a mini crib, managed to find a website where you can buy fitted sheets, but I decided that I'm going to make the twins' quilts, bumpter, dust ruffles, and the valance for their window myself. So Dana and I found some adorable green and brown fabrics, and Jan was kind enough to pick up half of the cost. Thanks Mom! I'll take some photos of the fabric and post them on here so you can get an idea of what the cuteness is going to look like.

By the time I got home from Traditions, Nathan had pretty much wrapped up the finishing touches in the living room...oh by the way, we did one accent wall on the east wall in dark green, will post photos of this later also...and Jan had all but finished putting a light tan paint in the hallway. It's amazing how new and clean a room can look after fresh coat of paint!

Since none of us were in the mood to cook, we went out to Barley's for dinner and then Jan and I went to my rehearsal, since she isn't going to have a chance to see an actual performance. We're now rehearsing and performing in the original armory building for the next two weeks. It's a pretty darn big space, and wow does it echo. Which normally wouldn't be a bad thing unless you happen to be singing musical theatre and are trying to listen for your accompaniment. The echo just scrambles all of the sound, which makes things pretty entertaining. But it's great to have a larger playing took us a while to realize that we could actually spread out a little bit!

When Jan and I got home, Nathan had the living room all put back together and it was a ton of fun to get a glimpse of how it's going to look. The room has a very warm, inviting feel to it and it's so earthy and cozy. Now all we have to do is put down carpeting and put up new trim, and then that room will be 100% done! YAY! One room almost down, five to go!

Thanks again Jan for all your help! You're awesome!

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