Monday, June 2, 2008


What a weekend!

On Tuesday, I got a call from my dad saying that he and mom were going to be flying into Portland on Friday to surprise my grandma for her 80th birthday. Their plan is to stay in Oregon until the 10th, fly back to Mexico to finish up stuff on the boat, and then come back on July 14th. As soon as I heard that they were going to surprise my grandma, the wheels in my head started turning.

Nathan and I had originally planned to go to Boise for Saturday night to celebrate our 2nd anniversary, which is tomorrow. Instead, we changed our plans and decided to drive to Portland on Friday afternoon. We left Baker at noon and got to Portland in time to have some dinner with Nathan's dad before meeting my parents at the airport. Keep in mind that my parents have NO clue we were picking them up instead of their friends. I had called these friends and told them what we wanted to do. They played along and emailed us Mom and Dad's itinerary. The look on my parents' faces were absolutely priceless when they came around the corner and saw us just standing there. After that, we checked into our hotel in Sandy and then went up to my grandparent's house and surprised them, because they had no clue ANY of us were coming. Too much fun.

On Saturday, Nathan and I slept in, went out to breakfast, and then bought Nathan a bunch of new clothes (since he hasn't gotten new clothes in a LONG time). After that, my mom picked me up and we had a great time in Gresham buying maternity clothes. When we got back, Nathan and I went out to dinner in Welches (SO GOOD) and were planning on going to see Prince Caspian, but the next available showing wasn't until 9:40 me, pregnant lady here wasn't going to be staying awake through a movie until midnight or later. So instead we bought travel Scrabble and played a rip snorting game until I was literally falling asleep where I sat. Aren't we so exciting? But it was very relaxing, which is what we wanted.

On Sunday we got up to my grandparent's house early enough to have breakfast with my parents and then just hung around until my body simply started to shut down. I finally have to admit it, I am no longer able to do whirlwind weekend trips and come out smiling on the other end. I had the worst headache and my stomach didn't feel so great, and I ended up sleeping pretty much the entire way home from Portland. But the trip was so worth it!

I realized this morning, though, that I think part of my problem may have been that the kids hit a growth spurt over the weekend. My tummy is noticeably bigger and that would explain the complete exhaustion. Other than that, there's really no update to give on the twins. I still haven't felt them moving, but I'm only 14 weeks along. So other than my tummy getting bigger, there's not much to report.

On Thursday, one of our officers who just had her daughter in March came into dispatch and mentioned that she has a coupon for a place in Boise called Fetal Foto. They do 2D, 3D, and 4D ultrasounds and will do gender ultrasounds as early as 17 weeks because their ultrasound machines are so much better than the normal ones most hospitals have. I'll be 17 weeks along in only 2 1/2 weeks, so I'm trying to decide if we want to cheat and find out what the twins are early, or just wait the full 4 1/2 weeks until I'm 19 weeks along and the hospital here will do it. If you want to see what Fetal Foto does, here's their website:

I guess it will depend on how much the coupon is for and which package we decided to get. But I just may go crazy before I get to 19 weeks! I mean, it's double the suspense, and I never did handle suspense well!

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