Monday, June 16, 2008

Bump Tracker

Alright, here we are folks. 16 weeks 4 days. Yes, there are DEFINITELY twins in there! Crazy! Gotta love being 5 foot...with a sway back...let there be PREGGO BELLY!

And now I'm going to bear it all. That's right, I'm putting my bare belly on our blog. For the first time...ever. Please be kind.

Unleash the white whale! And it's only going to get bigger from here! And now, my finger nails, compliments of Rite Aid Prenatal Pills. I have never been able to get my fingers this long or strong. And I haven't done anything to these nails besides file the ends once in a while. I'm going to miss these once the kiddos come along. Is it bad to keep taking prenatal pills after you have the kids? ;)


Carly Carlson said...

Take prenatals as long as you are nursing... and then some. :) I still take 'em, but not every day. haha I just felt so healthy when I was on them every day!!
You look awesome!

Arly said...

My doctor has me on prenatals all the time (pregnant or not) because of a low iron issue. He thinks they're just good for you to take. So keep taking them!!
But I understand about the nails. Mine were thick before, and now they're almost TOO thick. I have to wet them before I cut them they're so thick.

And you're belly is SUPER cute!!! Ahhhh.