Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bump Tracker & Busy Weekend

I have been so bad about posting these photos. Not at all as good as my friend Arly, who posts a new photos every Thursday. If only I could remember to do that. But here we go...18 weeks 3 days.

On Thursday we drove to Portland for the weekend to spend time with Johnny and Laura, Nathan's best friend and his fiance, as well as Nathan's mom. Nathan grinned and bore it while I did some more maternity clothes shopping at Old Navy...mostly for shorts and capri pants because it is going to get hot here and it was RIDICULOUSLY HOT in Portland. I mean, 104 degrees! Really?!?! 104 DEGREES?!?! And of course it was only 84 degrees in Baker that day.

On Friday, after sleeping in a little bit, we took Nathan's mom out for lunch at Appleby's and ended up just sitting and talking for a good half an hour after we finished eating. It was a lot of fun. After lunch, we hit up Old Navy (preggo clothes for me) and Ross (shorts for Nathan). Once the shopping was finished, we met up with Johnny and Laura at his apartment. We went out for dinner and then Laura and I left the boys to their own devises while we went shopping...yay girl time! I managed to find a really cute maternity swimming suit at Target, which will come in majorly handy for taking kids to Young Life camp starting next weekend!

On Saturday we went out for breakfast and then headed to the Beaverton Saturday Market, where Laura's family has a booth to sell their farm's strawberries...BEST STRAWBERRIES EVER!!! No, I'm not kidding. After buying a 1/2 flat, Nathan dropped me off at his mom's house, where I immediately fell asleep while Nathan hit up the homebrew store in Hillsboro. Since this was the day that it was 104 degrees out, we beat the heat by going to see Get Smart at the theatre...SO FUNNY! Totally worth seeing! And it was all clean humor. Gotta love Steve Carrell, the master of dry humor.

That night we had dinner at Johnny's apartment and then the four of us went into Portland to see Nathan's favorite band in concert. It was in a small venue where it was all standing room...and hot...and there were three bands total. Thankfully, the Supersuckers were first. Laura and I weren't too impressed with the second band, which wasn't helped by the fact that I had been standing for almost two hours straight, my feet were hurting, my hips were killing me, I was sweating like a pig, and I was getting dizzy. So we left the concert (Johnny and Laura insisted) to go back to Johnny's apartment where we watched the Bucket List. It was a pretty good movie...kind of hard to watch. I didn't realize it dealt with cancer, and Jack Nicholson's portrayal of having cancer was spot on so it reminded me of Marla. But it was a well written and well acted movie.

Before heading home today, we stopped off at the hospital where Nathan's mom works as a nurse in the newborn nursery. It was so much fun to see where she works and to see all the babies! We showed up in the middle of the parenting class she gives to parents who just had their babies within the last four days or less. She is such a fount of knowledge, one that we will definitely be tapping once the kiddos get here! One of the nurses she works with has 6 year old triplets! So we got to pick her brain for a while also and got some great advice. Triplets! Can you imagine?!

And then we drove home. It was great to have two full days in Portland, much more relaxed than normal, but we're glad to be home! It's always a relief to come over that hill into Baker Valley, see our mountains, and know we're really home. I'm such a nervous, jumpy mess while I'm in Portland, mostly because of the traffic. I've discovered the highly protective side of my pregnant self, the side that makes me want to lash out at anyone who poses any sort of a threat to my babies. It surprised me to feel that strong of a reaction...any time someone came close to sideswiping us (stupid city drivers, it happened several times) I would almost burst out in tears. I can only imagine how much worse this is going to be when these babies are outside of the protection of my belly! It makes me thank God that we live in a place where I don't have to deal with that every day!


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