Saturday, June 14, 2008

Kudos To My Handy Hubby!

The past few days have been devoted to remodeling our bathroom. Nathan has been a trooper, especially today. This morning he got up early, tore out our old vanity (vintage blue with matching face marble formica, eew), ripped out our heavy vintage blue bathtub, and proceeded to completely re-plumb our shower plumbing. All of this meant that we had a completely inoperable bathroom in a one bathroom house. Every time I ran an errand, I also used the store's bathroom.

The plumbing itself took longer than we expected and around 6 pm, Nathan started getting really frustrated. We have a good friend, Will, who is pretty stinkin' handy and runs a heating/air conditioning company here in Baker. He has a great lift that they use to lift water heaters and such up stairs, and he offered to bring that over today to lift our 300+ pound new bath tub into the house. Since the plumbing needed to be all done before putting in the tub, Nathan called Will and asked if we could postpone the tub moving until tomorrow. When Nathan explained the difficulty he was having with soldering the pipes, Will offered to come over and give Nathan some times.

After Will came over and hung out for a while, Nathan and I decided it was time for dinner at Barley's, since neither of us felt like cooking. But Nathan was determined to get the plumbing finished tonight, so we came home and he immediately got back on the job. Less than two hours later, and the plumbing was finished...and completely LEAK FREE! ON THE FIRST TRY! YAY! We can now have the water to the bathroom on, which means we have a working toilet!!!!!! And after putting the tub in tomorrow, we will have a working shower too! Granted, we will still have the black plastic surround, but that is a-ok with me!

The great part...doing the plumbing himself saved us the $1000 or so that a plumber would have charged us! So yeah, I married myself a handy man and I am SO proud of him for being amazing!

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