Wednesday, June 18, 2008

OB Appointment

Today was our 4 month OB appointment. It always surprises me how short the appointments are. Walk in, pay your $20 copay, pee in a cup, get your blood pressure taken, measure the tummy, hear the heartbeats, ask a couple of questions, walk out.

I really like Dr. Smithson, he's a funny guy and seems to know what he's doing, but sometimes I feel like he's always in a huge hurry to get out of the room at the end of our already very short appointment. Today I was asking him a couple of last minute questions while he was literally standing in the open doorway. I dunno, maybe that's normal, but it doesn't sit very well with me. Should I call him on it, or just deal with and realize that I'm going to be seeing a perinatologist in Boise soon who specializes in multiples and that he will probably spend more time answering my questions?

One of the really cool things that happened in the appointment had to do with the nurse. It turned out that she was the same gal who checked us into the ER when I had spotting at 9 or 10 weeks and was such a wreck because I thought I might have been losing the baby. She said that she and the other nurse (a good friend of mine...I burst into tears as soon as I saw her because I knew she'd take care of me) were almost in tears because they were so upset that we might be losing our baby. And then when they heard about it being healthy twins a couple of days later, they were almost beside themselves with excitement. It was just really touching to know that they were pulling for us like that.

As for the appointment itself...well, my tummy measures at the same size as a woman who is having a singleton baby and is at 28 weeks. Ha ha. That's 11 weeks ahead of where I am. Crazy. After measuring the tummy, we got to hear the heartbeats. Or at least attempt to hear the heartbeats. Smithson found Baby B's (the upper baby) heartbeat right away, but then the little stinker proceeded to play hide and seek with him. Every time he pinned down the heartbeat, the baby would move away from the doppler. It was pretty funny. Baby A held still a little bit better and we were able to hear that heartbeat really clearly for quite a while. Smithson found Baby B up above my belly button and to the right, while Baby A was down below my belly button and to the left.

Baby A's heartbeat was at 145 bpm while Baby B's was at about 160 bpm. Smithson joked that that means that Baby A is a boy and Baby B is a girl. Evidently with twins, it's pretty common that the baby with the consistently lower heartbeat is a boy and the higher heartbeat belongs to a girl. Should be interesting to see if he's right!

Speaking of finding out what they are...our ultrasound appointment is on July 3rd at 1:00 pm, two weeks from tomorrow!!!! YAY! So the countdown ticker on our blog is correct! It's a relief to know the actual date and time. And that Smithson didn't insist on waiting until after I get back from camp. I'll be 19 weeks on the day we have our ultrasound, so we should be able to see what they are easily as long as the kiddos cooperate. I'm just worried that Baby B will feel like trying to play hide and seek again! ;) For some reason I really feel like Baby A is a boy, while I am pretty unsure about what Baby B might be.

The next two weeks are going to be almost unbearable! Good thing we have a lot going on to keep our minds off of it, right? HA!

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