Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bed Bath & Beyond Blitz

Today was an awesome day! We got quite a bit of anniversary gift money and decided that new paint in our bedroom warranted the purchasing of new bedding and curtains. So off we went to Boise and hit up Bed Bath & Beyond. I have a real love/hate relationship with that store. I love their products and their selection, however I hate that everything costs so much (even though it's cheaper than most other places) and that they invariably are out of the one thing you really need. But today we got lucky!

After looking around for a comforter that would match our light tan/dark green paint that we were planning to put in our room, we realized that they were going to be very difficult to match. Since the room isn't painted yet, we were allowed some wiggle room. I had the dark blue paint chip that was going to go into our bathroom in my purse, just in case we had money left over for a new shower curtain. We then found a duvet that we both really liked that had, lighter (matching) blue, dark brown, and light tan stripes. Our current comforter is in good shape, just really boring. So we grabbed the duvet, got a light tan sheet set (flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillow cases), two dark brown pillow cases, and a dark brown bed skirt.

After searching the curtain section for a while, we finally found some dark brown curtains on sale. Unfortunately, only one panel was available in the 62 inch length we really wanted. We bought that panel plus three 83 inch panels, which I would then hem at home. All of this, plus one wall clock for our living room, only cost $19 over the money that we got for our anniversary. We win!

Of course, hemming the curtains would require a sewing machine...which works. My mom had given me her old sewing machine when she got a new one for Christmas. But then she came over to my house, used it to sew together a baby quilt, and broke it. Silly girl. When I called the ONLY repair shop in the area, they said it was going to be about $78 to service it, plus the extra cost of any parts that may be needed and labor to put it in. Yeesh. So instead, we bought a new, simple Singer. And it works like a dream! I got all three curtain panels hemmed in less than an hour...and most of that time was taken up with me learning how to use the new sewing machine.

So now the new curtains are up, the bed skirt is in place, the new sheets and pillow cases are on the bed, and the duvet is laying on the bed inside out waiting for the comforter to get done drying in the dryer. I will take pictures tomorrow of the finished product. And who knows, maybe Nathan and I will even get a wild hair and get the room painted tomorrow after church!

Oh, and big props to Nathan who finished up the detail paint work in the hallway. Two rooms of painting down, three to go! Sweet!'s almost 10 pm. This is the latest I've stayed up in a long time. Guess all those naps in the car today did me some good. Then again, the big yawns are coming on. Better to shift around the comforter so it dries more thoroughly and I can get my pregnant butt to bed! Night!

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