Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Another Bump Tracker!

Ok Arly, here ya go! Thanks for motivating me to get off my butt and do this, I've been meaning to for days! This is me at 14 weeks 6 days.

I think Nathan gets more and more excited about becoming a dad every day. And that translates into him not believing me when I tell him that he won't be able to feel, let alone hear, the kiddos until they are much further along. Yesterday I thought I may have felt the first little flutter of movement in my tummy, but I'm not completely sure because I was walking across the Sheriff's office at the time. But that, of course, made Nathan want to feel them move.

Last night, he spent about five minutes with his ear pressed up to my tummy, trying to hear the kiddos. Of course, it took five minutes for him to realize that he wasn't going to hear anything except my tummy gurgling, simply because I kept laughing and "breaking his concentration".

I have to feel for the guy though. Yes, he helped create these kiddos but now his involvement is kind of minimal. I'm the one carrying the babies, I'll be able to feel them several weeks before he will, it will be very obvious that they are with me. I asked Nathan it that was hard for him, and he said that it was in a way. So I told him I'd make sure to describe everything happening to and in my body with as much detail as possible. Ha ha ha. But I know he's going to make an absolutely phenomenal dad and I think I'm almost more excited about seeing him hold his kids for the first time than I am to hold them myself!

In other news, yesterday was Nathan and my 2 year anniversary. Wow. Two years. That just blows me away. It's been a hard two years, we've been forced to deal with a lot of things that newlyweds don't usually have to deal with, and now we have twins on the way! It's not going to be easy, but I don't think life will ever be easy. But at the same time, life will be very very good. We have been incredibly blessed, and I feel so lucky to have my amazing family and a wonderful husband. I've heard that the first two years are always the hardest when it comes to marriage, so we'll see where things go from there!

Love you baby! And kiddos!


Arly said...


Go Go Gadget twins!

Carly Carlson said...

Ah precious! You look great, mama!