Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Tub Is IN!!!!

That's right, our brand new bathtub is installed and working properly!!! Fix it up with a black plastic surround, and the Labunski house hold is able to take showers again! You have NO idea how happy this makes me. Because let's face it, two days without a shower and working in 90 degree heat today simply do not mix. Big thanks to Will and Jason for coming to help Nathan haul in the 300+ pound tub! There's no way we could have done that without them! Especially since I am not able to lift heavy stuff.

Unfortunately, as with any home improvement project, everything this weekend took longer than we guesstimated. After getting the tub in, me running some errands (yes, even I can shop for plumbing supplies), and Nathan running the old tub and vanity to the dump, we were both so exhausted and starving, we decided to call it a day. So no new working vanity. But that's ok. After looking at how the vanity looked in the same position as the old vanity (parallel to the bathtub) we realized that it was a LOT deeper than our old vanity and simply wasn't going to fit very well.

So instead, we're going to put the vanity perpendicular to the tub, under the window instead of under the mirror. Nathan got a really big mirrored medicine cabinet that is the same width as the entire mirror wall. It's going to be great. Having the vanity like that opens up the bathroom so much, and I don't think not having the vanity under the mirror is going to be a problem at all. Unfortunately, that means Nathan's going to have to re-plumb the sink plumbing, but it's so worth it. Thing is, we're thinking that maybe we will need to get the new flooring in sooner than later, before we hook up the sink, because of the kind of vanity it is. Boo.

The thing I'm SUPER excited about is the organizers I got for the vanity drawers. Before, our drawers were DISASTER ZONES! But I went to Dollar Tree and got the perfect organizers and figured out how to arrange them so that they fit perfectly. And now, PICTURES!

The new bathtub...gotta love the beautiful black plastic surround. ;) But hey, the tub is white instead of blue. The old tub matched the blue on the wall. That paint is going away soon too.

The new vanity...the small window is directly above it.

Drawer organizers! YAY being organized!

The wall where the new medicine cabinet is going to go. The old vanity use to be where that strip of old yellow glue is...which is going to have to be sanded off. FUN!
The good news...Nathan's dad is coming from Portland next weekend to help Nathan install all the tiles for the new tub surround. After that, all that is holding us back from fully installing the vanity and getting the painting done is installing the new flooring in there. Here's to being home owners and doing remodel work!

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