Monday, June 16, 2008

No Really, He Is

I am continually astounded by how handy my hubby is and how good he is about solving problems around the house. Not that I don't believe him to be a handy guy, I guess maybe it's just because he's had so many opportunities to showcase that handiness in the past couple of weeks. The latest one involved our shower head. Somehow, during the process of re-plumbing our shower, the water pressure to the shower doubled. This is a problem when we don't have the biggest water heater. We put the flow restricter back into the shower head, but it did no good. Needless to say, taking a hot shower AND shaving my legs was not going to be in the picture...and I like me a hot shower.

But Nathan called me today to inform me that he had found the answer to our water pressure problems...Ace Hardware (our favorite store) had a little valve that you put just above the shower head. On the valve is a knob that, as you turn it, either decreases or increases the water pressure. It even has the ability to completely shut off the water! Huzzah! Now I can scald myself throughout my entire leg-shaving extravaganza! Trust me, when you're pregnant, have aching hips/back, and a killer headache, nothing feels better than a long shower with super hot water. Mmmm.

On a different yet related note, I got Nathan the new Brad Paisley cd as one of his Father's Day gifts. And whooboy is it a man-centric cd. Not that I mind. There's one song in particular (I'm Still A Guy) that just seems to really tickle Nathan's funny bone and it has become a sort of anthem for him. But you know what...listening to that song makes me thankful for the man I've got. I'll forgive him his man-centricies. Because I sure as heck would have a hard time handling being married to a man who can't tell the difference between a skill saw and a jig saw. It just wouldn't be right for my husband to know less about tools than I do. Check out the lyrics if you want a good chuckle and don't think that manly men are obsolete. ;)

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