Thursday, June 26, 2008

Puffy Ankles

I'm 18 weeks today. Only 7 days until the ultrasound!

Ok, I knew puffy ankles were part and parcel of being pregnant. But really, I guess I didn't expect it to show up so early or to be so danged...uncomfortable! I've noticed that it only gets really bad when I eat salty foods, so I'm trying to stay away from salt as much as possible. But it's amazing how hard that is! I've also started putting my feet up on a box that I have installed under my desk at work, complete with a small pillow on top of it. I'm hoping that maybe a combo of cutting back on salt, drinking a ton of water (which I do anyway), and keeping my feet up for most of the day will help bring my ankles down to a more normal size.

And before any of you start shrieking about preeclampsia, I had my blood pressure checked and it's actually slightly lower than normal. And yes, I'm going to keep having it checked. But even before getting pregnant I would sometimes get puffy ankles when I sat for too long and had too much salt. So please, leave the panicking to me. ;)

On a different note, Nathan and I are jumping in the car tonight to head to Portland for the weekend. Nathan's favorite band, the Supersuckers, are doing a concert on Saturday night and I happened to have the weekend off. Our plans include running errands, taking Nathan's mom out to an early birthday lunch, spending time with our friends Laura and Johnny, going to the concert, and much more. It's going to be a busy weekend, but I'm looking forward to it! Plus Laura and I are going to take some girl time to go shopping...yay for girl time! It's definitely time to get out of town, get away from the home improvement projects, and actually be social. I'm starting to feel like a hermit.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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