Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Room That Never Ends!!!

Dear heavens, I didn't think our bedroom would be such a huge job when I started painting it. Thank goodness my friend Dana came over to help me with a large part of it on Sunday. We started at around 1:30 or 2:00 and got the light tan paint on the two walls with the windows as well as the small part of the wall around our door. We managed to get a second coat of the light tan on one and half of the window walls before Dana went home...it took a lot longer than expected, probably because we had to take a bunch of stuff out of the room and some of the cabinet doors off of the closet before starting.

After Dana left, I finished up the second coat of light tan and slapped two coats of white paint on the window sills. Between coats, I also painted the cabinet doors from the closet a dark brown to match the new dark brown curtains. About that time, I called it a night and collapsed.

Yesterday, I got up and started with putting the hinges back on the cabinet doors and then started putting the dark brown paint on the louver closet doors. They look kinda like the picture below, only there are four of them on the front of the closet.

I hand painted each one of those slats...twice. Otherwise the wood still showed through the first coat. It took about four hours just to do those slats. Craziness. But I tell you what, they sure look good! The only other thing I had energy for that day was to put two coats of the dark brown paint on the front of the closet drawers. While I was finishing that up, Nathan came home from work and started tearing out our shower surround. He's planning on replacing the bathtub this weekend, and that requires him to get rid of the current surround, which needed to go anyway! So right now our shower surround consists of a black piece of thick plastic. But it works! And now Nathan knows what he's face with when it comes to putting tile up for our new shower surround.

Today I taped off the new brown paint on the louver doors so that I could paint the part around the slats without getting white primer on them. That took about an hour, just because I had to get the tape placed exactly for nice clean lines...I'm OCD like that. Once that was done, I got a coat of primer on the entire closet, which consists of really ugly brown wood. I also primed the room door and door frame. To follow the theme of this post...that took a lot longer than expected. I did manage to get two coats of the light tan paint on the main closet, as well as on the outside frames of the louver doors. By the time I got all of that done, I barely had enough time to jump in the shower and throw on some clothes and a hat before our monthly beer meeting...which I haven't been to since before we found out about being pregnant.

Now all that is left is to get two coats of white paint on the closet trim, the bedroom door, and the door frame. Oh, and the dark blue on the accent wall which is at the head of our bed. I'm hoping that will only take one coat of paint, but I'm guessing that's not the case. After that last bit of painting is done, the only things that will be left to do in this room will be to put up some new trim and install new carpet. That won't happen for a while, but it already looks so much better!

I absolutely love how it looks already, and I still have one wall of the mauve-pink color left to get rid of! The dark brown and light tan combo just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I'm hoping the dark blue accent wall will fit in just as well...I guess we'll see. But I'm kind of relieved to have to go back to work tomorrow. After 2 1/2 days of non-stop painting, sitting at work for 12 hours will feel like a vacation! I promise, I'll put up pictures as soon as I'm done with the paint...I'm too OCD to put up pictures before it's done! Ok, it's bed time now!

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